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You know, not all writing niches are created equal. Since moving to the humor niche, I have found that I have gotten rock star treatment wherever I go. I get paid easily double or triple what I normally had asked for, I don't feel like I even work that hard (just look at my half-assed posts here!), and I do a third thing to round out this sentence. But I know for a fact that not all of you out there are getting what you want/need. But do you know that? Some of you are out there in a bad niche, where the market is flooded and the pay rate is through the floor and clients frequently abuse their freelancers. It's an evil world out there.

Check out my tips on how to find out whether you're in a bad niche or not.

  1. When you find a job, you're asked if you'd be willing to work for peanuts. No, like literal peanuts. They ship you a bag of peanuts to your front door and ask you to eat them in lieu of payment.
  2. Your expected turnaround time is measured in milliseconds.
  3. Your client sent you a note about revisions tied to a brick that he threw through your window. On the plus side, this is still desirable behavior in a client.
  4. You have to write on subjects like Sex and Sexuality in your Seventies, How to Survive a Turkish Prison, and Dealing with Dead Kittens: A Personal Point of View.
  5. To apply for a job in your niche, you frequently have to furnish a hank of your hair as part of the process.
  6. Your client is having difficulty paying you on account of not giving a damn.
  7. You've been asked to type a 400-page document while maintaining the rhythm of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee".
  8. For the interview process, you have to compete in a battle royale with five other contestants, survivor takes all.
  9. At a recent face-to-face client meeting, you were given a gun "in case things get nasty," which felt odd at a Chuck E. Cheese.
  10. You're a grant writer. Sorry, it's just true.

Are you in a bad niche? Let me know in the comments below. Or not. I'm not picky.

Thanks for sharing!
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