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Now that you have your e-book written and edited and your main sales page written, it's time to think about preparing other marketing materials.

Reminder: Visit the official challenge thread to access all of the pre-challenge reading on e-book publishing, and for a running list of daily challenge tasks. If you can’t participate during these 14 days, you’ll be able to use the information in that post at any time later to challenge yourself as well.

Let's get creative today.

Task Summary:

  • Create your e-book cover.
  • Write articles / excerpts for article marketing.
  • Prepare for additional release marketing.

When your e-book is released, you need to be ready to market it to your target buyers / readers. Today you're going to prepare some marketing materials to make that initial launch marketing easier on you come release day.

E-book Cover

You should have a cover designed for your e-book. You can hire someone to do this for you (often for less than $50), or you can give it a try yourself.  I won't delve too much into the "how" here. You can read my past post, How to Design an E-book Cover, for some e-book cover template resources or software to help you design your cover for your e-book.

Articles / Excerpts

Go back to that initial keyword research you conducted when planning and outlining your e-book, and choose a few specific topics related to your e-book subject which were heavily searched for. Prepare at least three articles (or excerpts from your e-book), focusing on those keywords (to drive search traffic).

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Be sure to include a link to your e-book's sales page (if you haven't put your sales page online yet, just add the links before actually posting these articles after launch). The links can be within the content, or in a resource box, depending on where you plan to post them (your own blog, article directories, etc.). If you're going to be using article directories, just be sure to follow their rules regarding promotional links.

Don't post these yet. Just write them and get them filed away for a couple of days. We'll pull them out again on day 14. 🙂

Other Marketing Materials

Think about other marketing tactics that may work out well for your particular e-book and niche audience, and create anything you'll want on hand for your e-book launch. You may want to draft a news release, additional articles, write a short report of a few pages to offer as a bonus, create some banner ads to help promote your sales, etc.

Thanks for sharing!
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