5 Big Reasons Why You Want to be a Freelance Writer

Have you ever dreamed of waking up on a Monday morning full of sun glitter, stretching into a sprightly grin that even makes your cat look grumpy, and boomeranging out of bed with the fervent amusement left to three-year-olds on Pop Rocks? I know, it seems like a distant reverie that you could ever be that…happy.

Instead, how did your Monday morning play out? Was it damp and dark when you limped out of bed? Did you ransack the bottom of your closet for a tangled piece of clothing to stumble into while sponging fleshy cereal down your throat with kamikaze shots of coffee? Did you manage to get into your car, maneuver down the assembly line of street along with the cluster of other slack-eyed drivers and steer through the concrete artery of highway just to park in the same space as you did last week? Do you remember how you arrived at your job today or can you navigate it while your brain hibernates in the back seat?

I am here to tell you to pick your brain up and put it back into your happy head. If you have ever wanted something more for yourself, a life that rejuvenates you and makes you excited to be alive, then keep reading. These are the delicious reasons why you want to be a freelance writer:

1. I am my own boss.

While my neighbors scrambled out the door at six-thirty-two this morning, I lingered, still buried in my snuggly blanket dreaming of unicorns and rainbows. Now, I am not saying that being a freelance writer does not require hard work. It does.

But, because I work for myself, I set my own hours. I do not have a watery-eyed, chain-smoking manager breathing on my every move. I do not have to get authorization so I can leave my desk to pee. I never have to fill out a sheet of paper to request an hour to see my daughter win an award at school. I am an adult, and I am responsible, and I treat myself that way.

2. I determine my worth.

Did you ever work for a company that for countless years you toiled in peonage without as much as a thank you, much less a pay increase? Yeah. They were basically notifying you that you are not worth it.

Even worse, did they ever tell you that you should be thankful to have a job? Ouch. How does that make you feel when you step into the office every day? You see, when I sit down at my laptop to write or I speak with a client at a meeting, I am authentically excited to go to work and deliver my very best.

Why? Because I am the one in charge of my rates. I decide how much value I bring to the table and people pay. I give myself a raise when I consider it appropriate. Consequently, I am more confident and I know that my life has a significant purpose. Being a freelance writer feels nothing like what I experienced working at a corporate job.

3. My office is my home.

There are actually pros and cons to this, but I generally look at the benefits. I can skip out of bed, flip on the coffee to start percolating and sit down at my desk to begin my day.

Sometimes I stay in my jammies for far too long. Sometimes I snack all the way through lunch. But, hey, I can. I listen to Pandora while I work. I take breaks to lounge in the sunshine next to the potted lavender. I pet the cat. I do all this and still accomplish all the work for the day.

The thick sullen power suits collect dust in my closet. My pointy heels have already seen their glory days. My work as a freelance writer makes me smile, barefoot, my fingers flying across the keyboard.

4. I run the customer service department.

This reason coincides with the “I am my own boss” motive, but I wanted to take extra time to turn up the volume on this idea. Have you ever been informed at the company you work for that you care too much about the customer? I remember my managers as well as my coworkers advising me that I will never prosper in my career because I continually went the extra mile for my customers.

I needed to stop being so concerned if I wanted to be successful. Wow. I am so fortunate that I am innately stubborn and therefore never listened. Now, I can deal with clients how I see fit.

I can “care too much” all I want. Yes, it has bitten me sometimes, but overall, people appreciate my service so much more and they reciprocate. In the end, 99% of my clients have been a pleasure to work with, paid me sufficiently and spoken highly of me to others. That makes all the difference.

5. I get to do what I love.

Every day. And get paid for it. Enough said.

So the real question is, why do you want to be a freelance writer?

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Kari Jenkins is a freelance writer living in Southern California who enjoys writing, travel, reading, documentary film, strong coffee and dark chocolate, but not always in that order. Visit www.hotkofe.com to learn more about her personal journey to freelancing. You can also find her at www.twitter.com/hotkofe.

4 thoughts on “5 Big Reasons Why You Want to be a Freelance Writer”

  1. Agreed with suggestions, but I think the biggest thing that attracts me to it is getting maybe what you could say a larger than normal helping of the unknown, definitely never boring, usually failing but likewise learning, but maybe what you could call more of a controlled failure, or controlled folly.

  2. “I run the customer service department” — bingo!

    Great article and points.

    Here’s another (perhaps more lighthearted) perspective on the freelance lifestyle:

  3. So true. It’s great to “Be Your Own Boss,” especially when you’re interested in running a business. But I think this is where people can get into trouble with freelance writing. It’s a business. While it’s great to start work at whatever time you want, the responsibility of sales and marketing, bookkeeping, writing, etc., belong to the freelance writer. Of course, you could always ask a family member or close friend to help out with bookkeeping and marketing if you want.


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