6 Alternative Jobs for Freelance Writers

I love writing. It's a great job to have and it lets me stretch my mind. But sometimes I just get so tired of writing articles! That's when I take a break and try something else writing related. Let me tell you what I do to relieve the monotony...

Editing & Proofreading

A lot of people outsource their content, and the results they get isn't always that good. Others simply want someone to look over content they're written and polish it up. Either way, editing and proofreading is a great job for writers who love syntax and grammar, and are detail oriented.

Product & Service Reviews

Writing reviews on products and services can be a great way to break out of the mold and let your personality shine through. Reviews can be written for clients, or done as a side project on a niche blog. Not only is writing reviews fun, but you can get some pretty awesome free stuff out of it. Reviews are a great job for writers with personality who love sharing their opinions.

Blog Commenting

This is a lower end white-label service that I recommend doing in your free time for a site like Fiverr or Gigbucks. Commenting on blog posts takes seconds and it gives you a chance to try out different styles of writing and tones as you adopt different personas on the fly. I recommend only offering 10, 15, or 20 comments per gig, to keep time requirements low. Blog commenting can be a great job for writers who like reading or have some free time they want to use to make a little pocket cash.

Idea Generation

Similar to blog commenting, this lower end white-label service is recommended for writers good at generating ideas but not necessarily interested in blogging about every topic under the sun. An example is a list of 25 blog post ideas about “optimizing your blog” that I did for a client. I made about $60 just by writing out talking points and prospective titles in an excel document. Writers who find themselves plagued with ideas can often perform this service, or sell idea pre-created lists of ideas for unique blog and article content.

Mentoring and Coaching

Some writers are more seasoned than others. For those who are experienced and pulling in a decent income, coaching new writers can be fulfilling and profitable work. New writers join the market everyday, and only a handful ever break in with some success. Others are underpaid, overworked, and losing their passion. Mentors and coaches can help reignite that passion.

Affiliate Marketing and Information Products

Creating your own product or selling affiliate products is an outstanding way to generate passive income. This works especially well if you're a niche writer with a product that caters directly to your clients. Perhaps it's a watered down DIY version of one of your services, or just a resource on how to get started in your niche. Either way, writers with a more business-oriented mind might find promoting affiliate products a lot of fun.

I believe the key to enjoying a fulfilling freelance writing career is to look beyond the writing. Digging deeper into the various aspects of a writer's abilities lets you have fun and keeps you from getting bored. What do you do besides article writing? Share your talents in the comments below!

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Corey Freeman is a professional SEO blogger. She also runs Writing Whale, a site dedicated to helping aspiring freelance writers get started.

9 thoughts on “6 Alternative Jobs for Freelance Writers”

  1. You can always try providing an Ebay writing service where you write great descriptions for people or help them set up their Ebay shop.

    In a similar area you could always try setting up blogs and even looking after a blog for someone else. So following up comments, adding content and sorting out ads and affiliates.

    I try not to get to suckered into providing little jobs for little money. I find it actually takes up too much time and takes me away from my main aim which is finding quality work at a realistic price.

  2. Another tip is to complement writing with other services such as graphic and web design. I’ve been asked many times if I provide graphic and or web design work because clients spotted ‘graphic design’ on my writing resume. I would love to do web design, but I think it’s too tedious for me.

  3. Love these ideas!

    Under “Editing & Proofreading,” “they’re” should be “they’ve.” And under “Idea Generation,” “excel” should be capitalized, as it’s a program.

  4. Great tips Corey! I do offer writing services to clients but your tip about blog commenting is capital! I would definitely add that as a service.

    @Rebecca, I combine my writing services with Virtual assistance services, especially those who need help maintaining their wordpress blogs. Such a perfect fit!

  5. @Megan
    True, providing little jobs for little money can be time consuming. But for someone with a lot of free time and gaps between major projects, or who just want little money making breaks, they can be quite nice.

    I’ve done freelance design and it can be tedious, haha. It works well for super creative people who aren’t afraid of change. Too much about design is too subjective for me, honestly.

    Sounds like you should be proofreading! You’re clearly better than I am at it. >.<

    Blog commenting is fun if you don't mind reading and you're a fast writer. Definitely give it a try if you want to fill up some free work space.

  6. Thanks for this resource. I do have a question. What would your suggestion be to market myself as a product & service reviewer or an idea generator? As I went through some of these alternatives, these 2 stuck out to me as perfect matches for my style, personality and skill set.

  7. @Brian

    Hey Brian. So for the reviews, you’d have two choices. You can either make your own niche site, or you can offer to write reviews on places like (but not limited to) Google Places, Linkedin, Itunes, or Amazon.com. You could easily approach businesses and offer to do testimonials, or sell affiliate products under your own control with well written reviews.

    For idea generation, I suggest setting up a basic website with landing page and marketing yourself to affiliate marketers, niche bloggers, and small businesses. Basically anyone who is often updating a blog and might face burnout would be interested in getting some ideas from a fresh perspective.

    I hope that helps! 🙂

  8. These are good ideas, thanks for this post! I just recently started freelance writing and I definitely need some additional ideas that could help bring in more writing income. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets sick of writing articles sometimes!

  9. These are great tips that I can apply as a freelancer. There are a lot of freelance writers out there that can definitely benefit from this article.


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