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A Zombie-ish Apocalypse

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One of my recent projects has been for self-published author Shannon Mayer, who recently published A Zombie-ish Apocalypse: a trilogy of novellas that follow the story of one couple as their life goes to hell.

A paranormal romance set in a post apocalyptic world, Mara and Sebastian fight off marauders and monsters alike. But Sebastian carries a dark secret, one that more than threatens to tear them apart—it threatens to destroy them both and the love they have for each other. The secret forces Mara to make the ultimate choice: will she live for love or will she live to survive?

A fantastic series, whether you're a fan of paranormal romance or simply love a good zombie story, you won't be able to put these novels down. I highly recommend checking them out over on Shannon's blog—or, if you're already sold, head over to Amazon or Smashwords to pick up a copy.

And if you're one of those readers who is put off by authors who take forever between books, it's worth noting that Mayer doesn't make you wait. All three books in this trilogy came out in 2011 and she's already working on a new trilogy for 2012 (more info to come!!)—so once your hooked (and trust me, you will be) there's no lengthy delay between books. You can go straight from one series to the next!

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