Author Blogging Tip: Attract the Right Readers

Your author blog can be an important, and effective, book marketing tool. But I've seen countless authors complain that blogging isn't worth their time, only to discover that they're going about it in the wrong way.

One of the biggest issues I've seen is that authors aren't targeting the right readers with their blogs. And if you don't reach the right audience, it should be no surprise that your blog isn't leading to more book sales.

So here's this week's quick tip for indie authors: Make sure your author blog reaches the right readers. If you get that part wrong, precious little else about your author blog matters.

Who Should Your Author Blog Target?

The key in identifying the target readers of your blog is identifying the target readers of your books.

The most common mistake I see on this front is that authors seem to target other authors with their blogs rather than their book's readers.

There's nothing wrong with blogging for other writers, and it can be an effective form of networking. But it doesn't necessarily belong on your author blog (unless, of course, you're publishing books for other writers).

In most cases, your ideal blog readers are the people who will read your books. But there are exceptions. For example, if you write for young children, your author blog would probably need to target parents, and possibly educators. You could have features on the site for children to interact with, in the hopes that parents would direct them there. But the main content, in most cases, wouldn't be written for them.

So perhaps a better way to think of your blog's target audience is in terms of who is likely to buy your books rather than read them. That might mean parents and teachers. Or it might mean gift-givers. Or it might mean corporate executives who buy books in bulk for staff training.

The best way to increase sales using your author blog is to attract and build relationships with the people most likely to give you those sales. Does your author blog do that?

Leave a comment and tell me about your author blog, the books you promote there, and how your blogging has impacted book sales.

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