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Freelance Writers: What You Will Be Missing

I have talked about the difference between the freelance writing life and office life before, but this time of year really makes me think about what it was like to work in an office. I’ve worked a number of thankless and exploitative jobs, but the holidays somehow brought out the weirdness in employers. Even though I’m the resident humor blogger, today’s post is 100% nonfiction. … read more

Give the Gift of Expertise for the Holidays

I’ll be honest with you. This has been a lean year for me, mostly because of actually starting freelance full time and my unfortunate relocation across the street from what’s known as Petey’s Burger. For the uninitiated, a Petey’s burger is an all-natural seasoned 100% Angus ground beef patty (or two, or three if you’re really hungry) cooked to perfection, topped with crisp lettuce, sliced … read more

Freelancer Mandatory Dress Code

As some of you may or may not know, there is a freelancers’ union that is free to join. Many freelance writers join for group benefits like discounts that you would normally find in an office setting. They also have a pretty good health insurance plan and even a 401(k). They also have formed a political lobby and often keep members in the loop on … read more

Five Signs You Might Be a Blogwhore

Dear reader, I’ve called you here today for an intervention. Oh sure. It started out innocently enough. You started out at Blogspot (maybe even Livejournal!) and put your ideas out there. It was pretty nice catching up on your infrequent and irregular posts. Once in awhile you would put up several posts in a week, other times you wouldn’t update for months on end. It … read more