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3 Places to Get Great WordPress Themes

There’s no question about it. Blogging can be great for your freelance writing business. Your blog can attract clients. You can use it to create a “living” portfolio of your writing. Your blog can highlight your niche expertise. And blogging can connect you to colleagues and prospects you want in your professional network. It can also bring in direct income and be a lot of … read more

What is the Most Challenging Part of Running a Freelance Writing Business?

We all know that there are a lot of great things about freelancing — like flexible schedules and the stereotypical fuzzy slippers while working (yeah, I wear ’em). But there are also plenty of challenges. So out of curiosity, what has proven to be the most challenging part of being a freelance writer for you so far? I think the most challenging part for me … read more

Your Books (and E-books) are Your Business

If you go into indie publishing with the intention of selling your books and earning a profit, you’re going into business. Your books and e-books become the products you build your business around. You’ll see me emphasize this fact a lot here at All Indie Publishing. Today I want to talk about what that really means (being an authorpreneur as opposed to just an author). … read more

Freelancers: Nonprofit Does NOT Mean Non-Paying

A few days ago a colleague shared a story about a recent experience with a nonprofit organization. Here’s the gist of what happened: The client hired the freelance writer for a previous project at the writer’s professional rates. The client had need for a professional writer again. The writer sent a proposal (which the client asked for). The client contacted the writer saying they could … read more

Get Ahead With a Working Vacation

At the end of this month I’ll take a vacation of sorts — a working vacation. It’s a chance to get ahead on some projects and get caught up on others, all while minimizing distractions of the ordinary day-to-day work schedule. For me it’s about a  problem with project overload. I try to keep busy at all times (working hours at least), but right now … read more

Why Most of My E-books Won’t be Sold on Amazon

Despite the Amazon craze (and Smashwords and all the other shiny new e-book selling tools and platforms), the majority of the e-books I release will never be sold through such marketplaces. That’s because for years I’ve focused on writing “information product” e-books — which are highly profitable, are what I usually refer to here as “traditional e-books,” and are often ignored by today’s e-book newcomers … read more

Why I Loathe the Term “Self Publishing”

You’ll occasionally see me use the term “self publishing” here simply because of its common use among indie authors. But I hate that phrase. Hate, hate, hate it. If you want to call yourself a self publisher, by all means do so. There’s nothing wrong with that. My biggest issue with it is when people throw that term around to describe others, including myself. “Self … read more

When it Makes Sense to Have Multiple Blogs

In addition to being a freelance writer for clients I’m also a professional blogger and Web developer in my own right, running several different types of websites over the years including dozens of different blogs. That experience lets me appreciate the value having multiple blogs can bring through exposure, new contract work if you’re looking for it, and product sales. But running multiple blogs isn’t … read more

Revisiting 99 Cent E-book Pricing

This post was intended to be a comment on Joanna Penn’s recent article explaining why she chose the 99-cent price point for her novel. My thoughts are directed at a comment she posted rather than the article itself. But my thoughts on the issue were extensive enough that I decided they deserved their own post. I think I should say up front that I have … read more