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Be a More Productive Blogger

Almost all freelance writers that I’ve encountered have their own blogs, blog on other blogs, or blog for clients. This is a task worth mentioning, and for me that means we need to talk about amping up the effectiveness of your blogging. Being successful as a blogger (that is, meeting your blogging goals) can mean many things. It could be to get more readers, subscribers, … read more

Motivation Beyond Money

Here at All Freelance Writing, we all abide to a strict no-getting-screwed policy. I like this policy. We also have an enjoy-your-freelance-writing-business policy, and I like this policy, too. I bring these policies up because I’m talking about doing freelance work when little to no money is involved. I’ll agree with the following rules Jenn has beat into our brains (lovingly) throughout this blog: a … read more

The Emotional Side of Productivity

I’ve heard it on the TV commercials advertising depression medication, but I didn’t think I would hear myself saying it to my husband, pre-deployment, about my freelance writing business. I experienced / am experiencing a sudden loss of interest in the things I enjoy. Part of it is because of the stress of having a baby (it will change our whole lives—well, it already has) … read more

Make a Query-Free Writer Marketing Calendar

Recent posts at All Freelance Writing have been discussing the efforts of the team members to use query-free writer marketing methods to get their freelance writing businesses going, growing, and profitable. The keyword to all of these posts would be effort: you have to take on tasks every day to market your business, query-free or otherwise. What makes marketing tasks so vital to the query-free … read more

Organized Marketing

I interrupt this scheduled broadcast (a blog post about organized marketing) to bring you an important message from one of the most valuable teachers a freelance writer can ever learn from: experience. As in over the past few weeks I have experienced the loss of two computers and a hard drive and have had to keep business as usual up. This catastrophic situation was made … read more

Review – Article Tracker

Jenn was recently contacted by and asked if she would review the article tracker they offer on their Web site. Jenn passed this opportunity along to me, and the free beta account along with it. If you’d like to use it, you’re looking at a $5 / month investment. This article tracker is extremely simple-nothing complex beyond your basic HTML coding, and I like … read more

Implementing, Maintaining and Tweaking an Organized Archival System

All business owners can suffer through disorganized files and lacking archives, but freelance writers seem to create more papers / files / electronic documents than some would imagine possible.  It’s the general nature of the work. Writers tend to keep and research a lot of things. A solid archival system of frequently backed up files is essential for any freelance writing business owner for the … read more