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Want to be just like Amazon? Now you can.

You may have heard some of the talk about Amazon tracking reading habits of Kindle and Kindle Fire users—they monitor what users read, how fast, when and where they put books down, etc. Maybe you even thought to yourself, “I wish I could do that.” Well soon you may be able to. According to Digital Book World a new start up called Hiptype (still in … read more

Do You Drive Through Stop Signs When Writing?

Last month Tim Berry wrote about learning that a stop sign requires a full stop—one where the car rolls backward slightly—and how that reminded him of decision making. That sometimes we all need a full stop now and again to think things through and prepare ourselves to head off again in the right direction. I couldn’t help but think of how the same concept applies … read more

Crafting an Author Bio that Helps Sell Your Book

[This post is part of a series on how you can maximize your ebook sales.] Almost every book includes an author bio. There’s a reason for this. The author bio tells the reader why he or she should care what the writer thinks. It tells the reader that the writer knows their stuff. This is often clear with non-fiction and how-to books; the author’s bio … read more

Two More Ways to Sell More of Your Novel on Amazon

[This post is part of a series on writing sales copy for your book—see the first piece in the series here: The Truth About the Back of your Book, and the 2nd post here: Compacting Your Whole Plot into Paragraphs] What you choose to include in your Amazon product description will ultimately make or break your book sales, no matter how hard you’ve worked on the … read more

Compacting Your Whole Plot into Paragraphs

[This post is part of a series on writing sales copy for your book—see the first piece in the series here: The Truth About the Back of your Book.] We’re always told not to judge a book by its cover… but most people are referring to the front of the book. It’s flip side is a different matter. Without well written sales copy to convince … read more

Dark Waters: Celtic Legacy Book 1

In indie author and blogger Shannon Mayer’s latest book, Dark Waters (the first in her new Celtic Legacy series) the bonds of family are stretched to the breaking point. Legendary monsters, a deadly prophecy and soul swallowing fears threaten to destroy the lives of two sisters who, when they had nothing else always knew they had each other. Add in two stunning men, magic, secrets, sensuality and … read more

Bonded: Book One of the Shadowlight Saga

I had the pleasure of editing indie author Mande Matthews’ latest YA Novel, Bonded: Book One of the Shadowlight Saga, which has already achieved an average of 5-stars from reviewers on A timeless tale of heros, the book weaves together a chieftain’s son and a warrior maiden—his vow to protect her pits his best friend against him, endangers the light of his little sister and leads … read more

The Truth About The Back of Your Book

It’s a mistake authors make all the time. They labor away on their manuscript, editing and re-editing; they even hire someone else to help them. And when they’re done, they tentatively put it up for sale. Without thinking about the one thing that can make or break a book: the sales copy. Your content will determine if they read the book all the way through … read more

Turn Your Blog Into a Book

It’s happening all over the web: bloggers are becoming authors. And you can too. Publishers see bloggers as a safe bet—these are people who already have a loyal audience and a solid working platform. But you don’t have to work with a traditional publisher to get your book out there; self publishing offers some serious advantages especially for the blogger-turned-author. Whichever publishing path you go … read more

The Secret to Using Commas Correctly

Grammar, in so many ways, is like the seasoning in a soup. A dash of salt and a pinch of pepper and the soup tastes amazing—too much though, and you get an uneatable mess. Too little and you get a bland broth. In order to be a good cook, you need to know your herbs and spices. Well in order to be a good writer, … read more