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Welcome to the All Freelance Writing blogging resource collection for freelance bloggers and professional bloggers running their own sites. You can view the latest posts for bloggers below or visit the main blogging feed for access to all posts for new and professional bloggers.

The aim of this blog is to help bloggers of all experience levels get started, improve their blog writing skills and content strategy, grow a bigger audience, and make money blogging if they'd like to, either through their own blogs or through freelance blogging.

If you have specific questions about blogging, please visit the blogging section of the writing forum to discuss issues with fellow bloggers.

Blogging Tools & Resources

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One Page Project Planner

Use this simple project planner to help you map out your next blog launch or re-branding.

One Page Marketing Plan

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Latest Posts on Blogging

Want to Launch a New Blog? Follow Along With My 3-Month Blogging Challenge

Launching a new blog can be a challenge. That's especially true if you don't already have a strong online presence you can harness in promoting it. While I remember what that was like, I launched my first blog way back around 2004. Things are different now. I get that. There's more competition. Blog marketing options have changed. There are different "rules" to follow if you want to stay on the good side of Google. And I'm occasionally told I'm out of touch (even though I've launched well over...
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Reader Question: Blogging to Promote Your Freelance Writing Services

Having a client-focused blog on your freelance writer website is a great idea. That's especially true if you're new to freelancing and need a boost in search engine and social media visibility. But what kind of blog should you run on your professional site? Should you share tutorials? Advice? News? Or should you take a more personal approach with storytelling? That's what Meghan Coughlin wanted to know when she reached out with concerns about her new freelance blog and...
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3 Month Blogging Challenge: Plan Updates & Launch Date

Several months ago I let community members choose a long-form challenge for me to take and document here on the blog. The idea chosen was a three-month blogging challenge. The basic concept is that I'll launch a new blog and update you on the progress for three months -- how traffic is progressing, revenue plans, and information about the blog marketing and content strategy. There have been some major changes since the project was announced. But first, the official launch date of the challenge...
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Podcast: Freelance Blogging (with Sharon Hurley Hall)

Sharon Hurley Hall joins me for the latest episode of the All Freelance Writing Podcast. We chat about a wide range of issues related to freelance blogging. For example, you'll learn: The difference between business blogging and niche / publication blogging (and benefits of each); The difference between blogging for small businesses and larger corporate clients; How much you can really earn as a freelance blogger (if you think $100-200 per post is a high pro blogging rate, you still have a lot...
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An Open Letter on Trust, “Experts,” and Blogging

*Note* This post and podcast episode contain explicit language, as regulars will know pretty much all rants here do. If you don't want to read / listen to that, skip this one. Bloggers. Readers. Friends. We need to talk. Do you know what I love about All Freelance Writing readers, including you? You're out there carving your own path, pursuing the career and lifestyle you want without feeling constrained by someone else's notion of the kind of "job" you should have. You get up every day, and...
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