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Create a Blog Feed for a Single Category in WordPress

Let’s get into some technical bloggy goodness today. I’ve been asked a few times privately how I can have a separate RSS feed for the freelance writing jobs here at All Freelance Writing. More specifically, how the gigs not only have their own feed, but can also be removed from the primary blog feed. It’s surprisingly simple to do, and I hope others will find … read more

Will Google Adsense Breed Distrust in Your Blog's Readers?

Yesterday we talked about Clickbank Ads and how they can be used to monetize a blog or website. Ironically, this morning an email went out to Adsense publishers regarding changes to the types of ads they’ll be showing. You can read parts of that email below: We’re writing to let you know about the upcoming launch of interest-based advertising…. Interest-based advertising will allow advertisers to … read more

Is Immediacy (re Twitter and Blogging) a Good Thing for Writers?

Anyone can publish anything at any time on a blog or microblogging service, like Twitter. But does the fact that you can publish immediately mean that you should? Personally, I think the answer to that question is a resounding “NO.” I’d like to share some thoughts on the immediacy issue today as it might apply to journalism and get some of your own feedback. The … read more

Bloggers as Moochers: Reality Check Time

I’ve been thinking and blogging quite a bit about blogger relations lately (including featuring some excellent cases of good blogger relations in book marketing). In fact, I even revived my PR blog for a brief time to tackle the issue. In that post, Heather Yaxley of GreenBanana left a comment sharing an email she received announcing the launch of, a self-proclaimed “network for bloggers … read more

Two Ways to Add a Blog to Your Professional Website

In response to one of my guest posts on my blog tour last week, (pretty sure that’s where it was) someone mentioned wanting to set up a professional website to move their service listings off of their blog. In other cases, I’ve seen writers inquiring about how to take an existing static site and add a blog to it. In short, a combination of the … read more

101 Niches to Write About

Whether you’re a freelance writer or blogger, you’ve probably had to choose niches to write about at one time or another–perhaps a niche for your new blog or e-book, or choosing what topics to specialize in for client work. There are millions of niches out there that you can write about or blog about, so it always baffled me that people have a hard time … read more

You Can't Help Everyone: When to Let Readers Fend for Themselves

As a blogger or content writer, chances are good that you’ll be contacted by readers from time to time. They may have questions about what you’ve written, or questions about your niche unrelated to your article or post. You probably try to be as helpful as you can–responding to comments, answering emails, giving advice when asked for it, and just generally trying to help your … read more

Easy Ways to Find New Article or Blog Post Ideas

It’s almost inevitable – if you build a large content site or blog, at one time or another you’ll likely feel that there’s nothing left to talk about. Fortunately, unless you’ve chosen an incredibly limited niche, that’s not the case. There are always other topics to write about in your niche, or other angles to topics you’ve already covered in your articles or blog posts. … read more

Freelance Writing Challenge – Blog Evaluations

While I know today’s freelance writing challenge won’t apply to everyone, I think enough freelance writers are also bloggers to make this a worthwhile exercise. Today we’re going to evaluate our blogs – basically look at the factors that come into play when you want to sell a blog, and use that evaluation as a guide to see where we could improve our blog’s value … read more

Flipping Websites – An Additional Income Stream for Freelance Writers

As a part of our series on additional and residual revenue streams for freelance writers, today we’re going to talk about flipping websites. I’ve discussed flipping websites in a previous post here, explaining it in a very general sense and discussing some past sites I’ve flipped myself. Let’s go more into how flipping websites can earn you more money in freelance writing, and what you … read more