What Makes Someone a Professional Blogger?

Not too long ago (it may have been on a forum or something), I saw someone say that you aren’t a “professional writer” until you’re earning six figures. I think most of us would disagree with that (I’d reckon that most “professional writers” – authors, journalists, etc. – aren’t earning a solid six figures every year actually). However, it got me thinking about professional blogging

Getting More Mileage from Your Blog

We’ve talked a lot here about why writers should blog, from using blogs as a marketing tool for your freelance writing services to blogging as an added income stream. Now let’s talk about how you can get more from your blog by moving beyond the blog itself. Here are additional income streams / outlets that blogging can potentially lead to if you levereage it right:

How Perfect Must a Writer's Blog Be?

A lot of freelance writers have their own blogs. Do those blogs have to be “perfect,” though? I’ve seen comments on both sides of this issue, and I’d like to know what you think? Personally, I think there are a few considerations: Blog Purpose Is the blog just a personal blog? If so, I’d not worry so much about the occasional typo or poorly-constructed sentence.

Do Personal Blogs Have a Place in a Business Model?

I’m planning to find out. I finally got around to launching a much more personal blog over at JennSays.com. It’s not a “journal” blog, but a personal-style blog being worked into my overall business model. Why a Personal Blog? I’ve been known on a few of my niche blogs to take very harshly critical views on things – essentially, I’m more likely to rant if

Installing WordPress Themes

So we talked about how to install WordPress on your own domain if you want to set up a new blog to showcase your writing. There Latoya asked a good question – how can you install a new theme / design to change the look (see my past post on how I choose WordPress themes and site templates)? The process is actually very easy, and

Installing a WordPress Blog

Yesterday someone asked me how they would set up a WordPress blog at their own domain. The simple answer is: Register a domain name. Set up a Web hosting account. Install WordPress (from WordPress.org or through your host). I won’t walk you through the process of setting up a hosting account or registering a domain name. Your host can help you with that, and the

Flipping Websites

Here’s a revenue stream option for writers that I don’t think we’ve really talked about much – flipping websites or blogs. Yesterday I sold two of my websites that I didn’t feel like managing / updating anymore – AboutGreenLiving.com and FreePressReleaseWriting.com. I liked the domains. I liked the potential each had. But I already have my “big three” sites that take most of my time,

Setting Up a Website or Blog: My Favorite Resources

I’ve mentioned repeatedly in the past that I think all freelance writers could benefit from having their own professional website and / or blog to showcase their writing and niche expertise. Today I’m going to share my own favorite resources – the tools and services I use repeatedly when setting up new sites or blogs, and why I use them. Web Hosting I have hosting

Using WordPress to Host a Non-Blog Site

Today’s topic on building blogs and professional sites as a freelance writer comes from Zac Schuessler. Zac points out that you don’t necessarily have to create one or the other. If you like working on a blog platform, you can use one to run a more basic site (or a combination professional site / blog). In particular, Zac brings up the subject of magazine-style (or

Moving a Blog from One Platform to Another

I recently asked you to come up with questions about setting up your own professional site or blog as a freelance writer. Today I’m going to address Kristi Holl’s question about moving a site from one blog platform to another. Question: I have heard a lot of talk about moving your blog from something like blogspot to your own website, using a free service like