Score Points for Better Blogging

Quite a while back, I was introduced to the blog points system from Passionate Blogger (referred by Judy Gombita of PR Conversations). I forgot all about it until today, and decided that this system would be a good tool to help me better manage my multiple blogs. The idea is simple… to be a better blogger you need a certain amount of consistency, and you

Top Ten Reasons to Launch an Author Blog

If you’re an author, you really can’t afford to be absent from the blogosphere. Writing and managing a blog isn’t always easy (especially if you’re determined to do it well), but the benefits of blogging for authors make it well worth it. 10 Reasons to Launch an Author Blog Here are ten reasons you should consider launching an author blog if you haven’t already. Blogs

7 Reasons I Won't Read Your Blog

I was tagged by Misti Sandefur of Life of a Writer to offer seven little pearls of blogging wisdom on what not to do as a blogger if you want to keep your readers, subscribers, and fellow bloggers in your network happy. So here you go… seven reasons I won’t read your blog: 1. Your font choice makes my eyes bleed. I’m still a sweet

Should You Disable the No-Follow Attribute on Your Blog Comments?

I just read a post on Julia Temlyn’s blog about her removing the no-follow attribute on her blog comments, encouraging others to do the same. Personally, I think that’s a really bad idea, and would encourage just the opposite. Here’s my response, posted to her blog: It’s a nice thought in a general sense, but is missing a few points: 1. Having no follow on

One Blog’s Journey to $2000 Per Month

I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but today I hit a milestone: $2000 for the month of June from one of my blogs (if you know me and what I’ve been promoting lately, you may know which one I’m talking about). It’s in the business niche. I don’t blog because I expect them to be big earners… I earn the majority