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Simple SEO Tips for Freelancers

As freelance writers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are constantly finding ways to effectively improve the marketing of our services and products online. Since most of us are not large corporations and cannot afford a team of marketing consultants and employees to do the groundwork for us, learning to formulate and execute new ideas on our own for as little money as possible, is … read more

The Small Joys of Working Online

It might be the hours I keep, but there are some things about this business that just strike me as funny at the most unusual times. I’m sure it’s not a condition isolated to this working-mom-freelance-writer-person, so let’s see how many of you have the same random bits of humor that I do: I’m a Mystery to Advertisers Everywhere I don’t know why, but it … read more

Combining Print And Web

I’ve run into some interesting situations while doing print writing. As publications started to develop their presence online, there were some opportunities to make a little more money here and there. What? More money? Do tell, right? Some magazines also offer partial (or full) articles on the web as well as in their print version. And some of them will pay more for it. This … read more

Freelancing Makes You…Cocky?

Those of us who have found success working in freelance writing or freelance anything are bound to have at least a little bit of arrogance. After all, we’re the ones who’ve figured out how to make the system work for us. We’re not cogs in a giant machine anymore – or if we are, it’s by choice. We’re successful business owners. Ah, independence. Declaring Arrogance … read more