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I’m a Content Writer, and I’m underpaid – How do I break the Barrier?

The one thing about freelance writing that really boiled my blood was the fact I couldn’t make the connection into higher payouts. I had the education, I had the experience, and I had the right contacts. Yet, even after a year of striving for higher-paying jobs, I was being paid in peanuts. All journalists have to start somewhere. Take my case, for example; I started … read more

Weekly Writing Challenge: Discover New Outlets

Sure, you could browse through the latest edition of the Writers Market looking for outlets to query. But then you’re just querying the same outlets that all of your competition already knows about. This week I want you to forget about your typical go-to sources for writers’ markets and your more well-known niche publications. I want you to step a bit outside of your comfort … read more

When to Turn Down Freelance Writing Jobs

If you’re the type of freelance writer that accepts every writing job that you’re offered, you’re very likely dooming your writing career. The best writers are always choosy in who they work with. They set standards such as: The types of clients (or industry / niche of clients) that they’ll work with. This allows them to develop a reputation as an expert writer in a … read more

What to do When Someone Steals Your Work

It’s so easy to steal content on the Web these days that it feels like “everyone” is doing it sometimes.  Whether it’s through publishing your blog content from an RSS feed without consent (a debatable issue in and of itself) to blatantly ripping content from a site, what can you do to protect your rights when someone steals your work?  Here are a few tips … read more

Suite101: Writer Warning Update

I received this note from the Editor-in-Chief of Suite101 today. I was quite content leaving it at my last post, b/c it was a simple solution to avoid the regular emails nagging me about why I was leaving. But apparently it wasn’t enough. And since I’m under no contractual obligation to keep any such correspondence confidential as it was offered after my contract termination, I’m … read more

How to Get High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

It’s not as hard as many writers think it is to get high paying freelance writing jobs. The fact is that many writers, especially new freelance writers, sabotage themselves from the start. Do you? Let’s more specifically talk about freelance Web writing. We’ll explore how you can earn more, and what might be holding you back if you’ve been trying to earn more unsuccessfully. Why … read more

When to Turn Down a Writing Gig

Every day I look around the Web for freelance writing jobs to post to I usually find a few that baffle me, and a few that amuse me… especially when the hiring party is particularly clueless. I ran into a good example of that today. Here’s more on what I came across, and some tips to help you decide when to turn down a … read more

Your Rights as a Writer

If you’re working as a freelance writer, you should be well aware that there are a wide variety of rights attached to all of your work. When deciding where and how to sell your writing, you get to decide what kinds of rights you want to offer your clients (unless you choose to apply for gigs where demands for rights are already laid out… then … read more

The Importance of Writer Portfolios

If you want to be as successful as you can be as a freelance writer, you should take the time to build an effective writer portfolio. Your writer portfolio is a showcase of your abilities, and it offers potential clients a snapshot of the quality of your work. Here are a few tips when it comes to building writer portfolios: 1. Don’t link to something … read more

Writer Warning: Suite101

OK. No one can say that I didn’t go above and beyond in promoting Suite to writers. If anything I was one of their strongest advocates before I quit Suite101 earlier this month. I can’t even count how many writers I brought into the network whether directly in my role as editor, or indirectly bringing writers into other sections, who I had met through this … read more