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Going Local: Leaving Behind the Web Jungle for the Clients Next Door

I’ve been threatening to “go local” for quite some time, but it never seems to stay a priority. It might not this time either…. Anyway, I’ve been considering doing some offline pitching of my PR writing and copywriting services to local companies (and maybe some nonprofits, since it’s been a while since I’ve played the nonprofit PR game). Should I do it? Why I’d Like … read more

Find Legitimate Freelance Writing Jobs: 3 Tips

Many freelance writers are no stranger to work at home job scams. When searching for freelance writing jobs, it’s not uncommon to stumble across things like programs being offered to teach you how to start a freelance writing career (usually for a pretty penny) to transcription and typing work at home job scams. Here are a few tips to help you avoid work at home … read more

Suite101: A Freelance Writer’s Playground

Update: Please note that after further experience with this network and others, my feelings on the subject have changed. I strongly recommend against signing up with any content network (also now known as “content mills”). There are far better ways to kick off your career. You can browse our blog for more up to date information on content mills and better options for your freelance writing career, or … read more

What Makes a Professional Writer?

I came across a blog post by Denise (of the SFC) asking what people consider when determining the difference between a "professional" writer and just an amateur or hobby writer. I hear this question a lot, especially from people who try to say you can't determine what makes a "professional" writer, because it's entirely subjective. As far as I'm concerned, if you say something like that is too subjective, it's not that you can't look at it objectively but rather that you're probably just to lazy to put the thought into it. There are definitely common misconceptions of what makes someone a "professional" writer, and some very basic things that professional writers have in common.

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Standardizing Freelance Writing Rates

There’s been a lot of buzz about standardizing freelance writing rates lately, between the freelance writers’ manifesto, Yuwanda Black’s Should Writers Earn a Minimum Wage?, and some commentary on the Content Done Better blog. It’s an interesting topic for anyone in the freelance writing field, and I’d meant to comment on it previously. I think there are a few good points, and a few bad, … read more

How to Avoid Freelance Job Scams

We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all secretly been tempted to try them. You know … those ads for work from home freelance jobs that promise you can make $1000-2000 a week working part-time. Don’t fall sucker to ads that promise the world. I’m going to expose some common freelance job scams, show you the warning signs to look out for, teach you how to … read more

Writers: You're Worth More Than $5!

As a freelance writer, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. If you can produce even reasonably high quality Web content, you can be doing much better for yourself than “selling out” to the hoards of webmasters expecting the world from their writers, for nearly no pay. Are there any good excuses for writing free or cheap content for webmasters? Sure. Here are a few: … read more