5 Factors to Consider in Pricing Your E-book

How much should you charge for your e-book? How do you set your e-book’s price? There’s no single right answer for every person or every e-book. However, there are a few factors that every e-book author should consider when setting a price that works for them: 1. What You Need to Earn Start by thinking about how long the e-book took to write, format, and

Should You Offer E-book Resale Rights?

When you publish your e-book, should you offer resell (or distribution) rights? Here’s what I think: Paid E-books I’d suggest not offering resell or re-distribution rights on e-books that you’re using as an income stream. This was probably my single biggest mistake with my own first e-book, and one I won’t make again. Why would you want to avoid offering resell rights on a paid

How Long Should an E-book Be?

Let’s keep this short and sweet: A lot of writers are intimidated by e-book writing, because they think writing an e-book is going to take a huge time commitment. That doesn’t have to be the case. There’s no right or wrong length for your e-book. It should be long enough to cover your niche topic, and short enough that your particular target market will actually

The Best E-book Software for the First Time Author

I talked a little bit before about choosing an e-book format and the benefits of PDF e-books. If you’re a first-time e-book author, I’m going to absolutely suggest that you go the PDF route (as opposed to using e-book compilers to create an EXE file for your e-book). Given that suggestion, here are the only two pieces of software you’ll need to create your very

Benefits of PDF E-books

The two most common e-book file types are PDF (read through Adobe Acrobat Reader and similar programs) and EXE (executable program files). PDF files tend to be much more popular, and there are several reasons for this. Here are a few benefits of publishing your e-book in PDF format: People are often not willing to open .exe files that they’re unsure of, because they can

Choosing the Best E-book Format

There’s more to choosing a format for your e-book than PDFs versus executable files (.exe files). Here are a few of the e-book formatting decisions you’ll have to consider when writing an e-book: Do you want your e-book to be in a program file of its own (.exe file) or PDF, or another format altogether? Do you plan to protect your e-book (from copying, printing,

Planning and Outlining an E-book

So you’ve chosen a niche for your new ebook, and you have a good idea of what you want to write about. What’s next? Some e-book writers may simply jump right into the e-book writing. Personally, I’m a note-taking, outline-loving, organizational junkie. If you’re even a little bit like me, you may want to plan or outline the content of your e-book before you sit

Finding E-book Ideas: Choosing a Niche for Your E-book

So, you’ve decided to write an e-book, have you? Well what are you going to write your e-book about? One of the most difficult parts of e-book writing is finding your final e-book idea (or the niche for your e-book). We often have a general idea about what we want to write about. We can use a tool like the Adwords Sandbox to help us

Is E-Book Publishing Right for You?

Have you toyed with the idea of writing an e-book, but find the process a little bit intimidating? Will investing time into writing and marketing an e-book really be worth it? How can you determine if e-book publishing is right for you? Reasons to Consider E-book Publishing There’s more to writing an e-book than making money. Here are a few e-book publishing motivations. See if

2008 Monthly Writing Challenges

If you haven’t been poking around the comments here at AFW, you may not know about my upcoming monthly writing challenges in 2008. So here’s a bit of background on the first two upcoming challenges: January: E-book Writing Challenge In January, you’ll be challenged to write an e-book in 14 days (the final 14 days of the month). During the first half of the month,

My Thoughts on E-junkie

I was going to wait until the new year to really test out E-junkie, but decided to give it a go today while working on my new business site (so I won’t have to manually distribute my first e-book anymore). The setup was pretty simple, quick, and painless, and on testing, the delivery is working wonderfully. The big question was whether I should use E-junkie

Why Timing Matters When Marketing Your Book or E-book

Time really is money when it comes to choosing the best time to publish your book or e-book. If you time your book’s release well, you can get more publicity and build more sales. Here are some of the reasons why the timing of your book or e-book’s release can be important in your book marketing efforts: You can take advantage of industry issues in

How to Market an E-book

I see a question asked repeatedly by writers and webmasters… “How can I market my e-book?” Well for starters, that’s something you should have thought about before writing it, now isn’t it? But OK… you’ll see the same responses surface each time: Launch an affiliate program. Write a long sales letter. Get testimonials. Submit to article directories. Start a newsletter. Use pay-per-click ads or other