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The Truth About The Back of Your Book

It’s a mistake authors make all the time. They labor away on their manuscript, editing and re-editing; they even hire someone else to help them. And when they’re done, they tentatively put it up for sale. Without thinking about the one thing that can make or break a book: the sales copy. Your content will determine if they read the book all the way through … read more

What sets you Apart from other Writers?

As you continue to market your services, you will receive many of the same questions from potential clients. You are sure to hear the following from time to time: What sets you apart from other writers? Why should I hire you instead of another freelancer? These are legitimate questions – and you need to have legitimate answers. If you are unprepared for the above questions, … read more

How to Compile a Cold Call List

Cold calling is a numbers game. In other words, if you make enough calls you are eventually going to find somebody who is interested. This leads to one very common issue: compiling a cold call list that is big enough to keep you busy, day after day. Here are three tips that I have successfully employed: 1. Local phone book. Although phone books are pretty … read more

3 Questions to ask yourself Before Pitching a Small Business

Over the years, I have found that many small businesses are in need of freelance contractors. This holds true with many types of professionals including writers, designers, and internet marketers among others. Before you pitch your services to a small business, regardless of your method (cold calling, in person, etc.) you should ask yourself these three questions. 1. Do I know enough about the industry … read more

Are you making these Cold Calling Mistakes?

A few weeks back, I showed everybody how to become more comfortable with cold calling. I strongly believe this to be an efficient and effective way to land new clients while introducing yourself to businesses on a more personal level. Cold calling is not for everybody. If you decide to give it a try, make sure you are doing everything right from the start. Here … read more

Freelance Marketing — Moving Beyond Job Boards

This article is a part of a five post series for Demand Media Studios writers and others interested in leaving content mills and other low paying freelance writing jobs behind.  In our last post we talked about marketing your freelance writing services and how you should focus on basic market research, specialty target markets, and creating a marketing plan instead of aimlessly trying new ways … read more