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Query-Free Freelancing Means Creating Your Own Demand

If you want to become a query-free freelancer, you can't just wait around hoping clients are going to find you. You need to create demand for your work. Today I'm going to share a story about how I not only did that, but how I created demand in a relatively new market by identifying a need and choosing to fill it. Those who have known me for a while know that my most popular service over the last few years has been press release writing, especially for Web-based clients. Here's how that came about, and you can use a similar approach to create demand for your own writing

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Get Paid to Build Your Writer Platform

We recently talked about 30 ways to build your writer platform. In that list of things to consider pursuing to build your visibility, you may have noticed that several platform-building techniques have an added bonus–you can get paid for your efforts! This is one of my favorite things about query-free freelancing. Unlike spending a lot of unpaid time writing queries to various companies and publications … read more

Not Earning Enough as a Freelance Writer? You Have Only Yourself to Blame

I’ve been a part of an interesting conversation on freelance writing (specifically on the Web) at the DigitalPoint forums recently, and I think it’s a topic worth talking about here. In short, it started with a member asking why buyers always seem to be looking for “cheap content” there instead of quality. Then came calls for us on the forum staff to implement rules or … read more

Author and Book Media Kit Components – What Should You Include?

Today let’s very briefly go over some common components of the author (or book) media kit – in other words, what you should include. While most of these will work for a hard copy media kit / press kit, let’s focus on online author media kits (those in newsroom formats on your website or downloadable .pdf files). Author Media Kit Components – Essential An author … read more

Authors Exemplify Good Blogger Relations

Most authors and publishers these days understand that online book promotion is important, whether for a new release or encouraging sales of existing titles. Blogger relations can play a significant role in the success, or lack thereof, of your online book marketing efforts. Blogger relations is a topic somewhat regularly discussed among PR and social media types, but it’s something I’ve very rarely seen brought … read more

Proving Your Value to Prospective Writing Clients

We’ve discussed the benefits of specialization and how that can lead to higher earnings as a freelance Web writer. However, the real key to earning a decent income freelance writing online is proving your value to your clients. Specialization plays a major role (if you’re offering a certain amount of depth or understanding others can’t, you’re providing more value). Today let’s talk about other things … read more