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Selling E-books on Your Author Website [Podcast with Princess Jones]

In this week’s podcast I’m joined by Princess Jones (with whom I had a previous and entertaining conversation about crazy authors attacking book reviewers). In this episode we discuss some of the issues around selling your e-books (and physical books) directly through your own website. View the show notes or listen now.

Ad-Supported Content as a Blog Business Model [Podcast]

In this week’s podcast I expand upon the topic of blog revenue, which I covered in a January episode. While I touch on a variety of business model options for bloggers, the episode pays particular attention to turning your blog into a direct business model in its own right through ad-supported content and premium features. Then, I tackle a community question about querying magazines and … read more

What do You Want From a Scrivener Mystery Novel Template?

I’ve been working this week on the next Scrivener template in my writers’ resource collection — a mystery novel template. While it won’t be ready for release this week, I want to give you a chance to weigh in. Tell me what you want from a template. What would help you write your next mystery novel? When I was moving the first draft of a mystery novel … read more

Writing Goals: 2015 First Quarter Check-In

Setting goals, tracking your progress, and adapting when necessary are all important parts of running a business. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a freelance writer, an author trying to sell books, or a blogger trying to make money from your blogs. Goals are vital to your success. Now that we’re in April, it’s a good time to check in on any goals you might … read more

Branding Tips for Writers (Podcast)

The latest episode of the writing podcast is up. This episode is all about branding for writers. It covers: Basic branding tips for writers Copyright concerns over sharing excerpts to your book to generate reader interest A tool to help you come up with better, brandable domain names for your professional website or blog View the show notes or listen below.

Author Blogging and “Faking it ’til You Make It” [Podcast]

Be sure to check out Episode 10 of the All Freelance Writing Podcast which was just released. You can listen below or read the show notes for the short version (and to get any recommended links from the show). This episode covers: Author blogging (why you need an author blog, how you can keep your blog from being too much of a time-suck, why you … read more

Quick Tip: Make Sure Your Author Blog Reaches the Right Readers

Your author blog can be an important, and effective, book marketing tool. But I’ve seen countless authors complain that blogging isn’t worth their time, only to discover that they’re going about it in the wrong way. One of the biggest issues I’ve seen is that authors aren’t targeting the right readers with their blogs. And if you don’t reach the right audience, it should be … read more

Freelance Ghostwriting for Businesses (Podcast)

Episode 9 of the All Freelance Writing Podcast is now up. You can listen below or check out the show notes on the episode’s page. I’d like to thank Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business. She joins me as the guest co-host for this episode. We chat about freelance ghostwriting for businesses, including the benefits of it, how you can find ghostwriting clients, and how … read more

All Indie Writers Audio Post Series

Last week I started rolling out a new feature here at All Freelance Writing: a series of audio posts. These are audio versions of posts from the blog. There are three available right now, with more to come. A big part of my content plan for this community is to make more content available in different ways, so you have more options for how you … read more

Getting Started as a Freelance Blogger (Podcast)

I skipped the podcast last week due to unexpected contractors being in-and-out here all week. So now we’ll have episodes two weeks in a row. In this week’s episode (Episode 8) I explore freelance blogging, with some tips on getting started. For example, I address a frequent question about choosing a specialty, and I offer some tips on building your first few portfolio pieces. Then … read more