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Freelance Ghostwriting for Businesses (Podcast)

Episode 9 of the All Freelance Writing Podcast is now up. You can listen below or check out the show notes on the episode’s page. I’d like to thank Cathy Miller of Simply Stated Business. She joins me as the guest co-host for this episode. We chat about freelance ghostwriting for businesses, including the benefits of it, how you can find ghostwriting clients, and how … read more

All Freelance Writing Audio Post Series

Last week I started rolling out a new feature here at All Freelance Writing: a series of audio posts. These are audio versions of posts from the blog. There are three available right now, with more to come. A big part of my content plan for this community is to make more content available in different ways, so you have more options for how you … read more

Getting Started as a Freelance Blogger (Podcast)

I skipped the podcast last week due to unexpected contractors being in-and-out here all week. So now we’ll have episodes two weeks in a row. In this week’s episode (Episode 8) I explore freelance blogging, with some tips on getting started. For example, I address a frequent question about choosing a specialty, and I offer some tips on building your first few portfolio pieces. Then … read more

Cathy Miller to Guest Co-Host the Writers’ Podcast

I have a quick update for regular listeners of the All Freelance Writing Podcast. Due to some contractor work here this week I didn’t have as much quiet time as usual to record and edit the latest podcast episode. Rather than rush it tonight and release something I’m not proud of, I’ve decided to postpone this episode by one week. That means episode eight will … read more

Everyday Marketing for Freelance Writers with Lori Widmer (Podcast)

In this seventh episode of the All Freelance Writing Podcast, I’m joined by guest co-host, Lori Widmer of the Words on the Page blog. We cover: The importance of regular or everyday marketing for freelance writers (along with some simple marketing tactics you can use even if you’re short on time — tip: these could work equally well for indie authors and bloggers) Lori’s e-book, … read more

Revenue Streams for Writers: Blogs and E-books (Podcast)

Today I released the first podcast episode for 2015 (and sixth overall). In this episode I mostly deal with the topic of revenue streams for writers. First, I run through eleven blog revenue streams you can use to monetize blogs of your own. Then I tackle a question about e-book revenue (and share a story about my own first e-book, which is scheduled to be … read more

Taking a Holiday From Your Blog (Podcast)

  Today marks not only my last working day of the year, but also the last All Freelance Writing Podcast episode of 2014. Episode 5 picks up where episode 4 left off, with more tips on keeping your blog active even while you take a holiday. In this episode I share tips on not only keeping your blog fresh with new content while you take time … read more

Answers to Your Blogging Questions

Episode four of the All Freelance Writing Podcast was released last week, and the show notes were published today. This episode was a special Q&A feature covering blogging-related questions submitted by members of the community. Questions for this episode were submitted by Anne Wayman, KeriLynn Engel, and Emily Fowler as entries for episode two’s e-book giveaway. In this podcast episode, the following topics are covered: What … read more

Authors Attack: Dealing With Negative Book Reviewers

  In the third episode of the All Freelance Writing Podcast, I’m joined by Princess Jones. We chat about extreme cases of authors behaving badly by attacking negative book reviewers. And we offer tips on how you can deal with negative book reviews more tactfully (hint: there is almost never an appropriate time for you to take on a reviewer). You can hear the latest episode below … read more