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Princess Jones to Guest Co-Host the All Freelance Writing Podcast

Just a quick announcement: Princess Jones will be my first guest co-host on the All Freelance Writing Podcast, co-hosting the third episode scheduled for Thursday, November 20th. As mentioned in the first episode, I’ll bring on occasional guest co-hosts for casual, frank discussions rather than taking the traditional route of bringing on interview subjects. In the upcoming episode, Princess and I will discuss negative book … read more

It’s That Time Again: Writing Goals 3rd Quarter Check-in

October marks the start of my favorite time of year: when we hop from one holiday to the next. It kicks off with Halloween and continues straight through New Year’s Day. There’s decorating. Shopping. Family time. And a crazy work schedule. Fall and the beginning of winter are probably my most hectic time of the year as a freelance writer-blogger-publisher, largely because I have so … read more

2014 Freelance Writing and Publishing Goals

This week is my last work week of 2013. That means it’s time to take a look back at my progress this year — both my successes and failures. And it’s time to think about goals and resolutions for 2014. You can find mine below, and I hope you’ll share some of your own in the comments. Let’s start with some of my biggest goals … read more

A Belated 4th Quarter Business Check-In

Normally I post my quarterly business goals and plans at the beginning of each quarter, and I try to post a follow-up in the next update to let you know how I did. Plans always unexpectedly change in one way or another, but this past quarter might have been the worst. As you might know, I took off for an extended leave of several months … read more

Introducing a New Series on Freelance Ghostwriting

For close to two years I’ve been revamping my writing business to focus more on ghostwriting. This change in strategy has done amazing things for my career. It’s made me fall in love with freelancing all over again and helped me develop a focus, security and stability that I’d felt was lacking before. Like many freelancers, I’d always dabbled in ghostwriting. But I didn’t really … read more

Updates and Oversharing

As you might remember, All Freelance Writing was supposed to be nonexistent at this point. It was scheduled to be merged with two other sites and relaunched as back in July. Clearly July has passed, and this site is still here. I’ve been MIA for several months. And I’m ready to share a few updates on what’s happening and what the new plan is … read more

Happy Holidays! Preparing for 2013

Update: I’ve decided to extend my vacation until Monday, January 7th to spend some more post-holiday downtime with family. I will not be back to regular posting here until that week, but our other contributors will continue to post on their usual schedules.  This week was my last work week in 2012. I’m now on vacation until January 2nd. I hope you’re all enjoying a … read more

Why I Won't Pursue a Publisher for The Query-Free Freelancer

Yesterday on Twitter I noted that I finally made a decision regarding the book I’m working on — The Query-Free Freelancer — and whether I would pursue a traditional publisher or opt to self-publish the book. I’ve chosen the latter. I put a lot of thought into this over the last few months, and was already leaning towards the self-publishing route. But recent events in … read more

Late Shift

Note: This post originally appeared at on February 9, 2010. The Freelance Theater audio play series is now a part of All Freelance Writing. One of the sometimes best / sometimes worst aspects of freelancing is how much time you’ll spend working alone. While it can be nice to avoid the politics and drama of a traditional office environment, there is also no 5pm … read more

The Dead Don’t Write

Note: This post originally appeared at on October 30, 2009. The Freelance Theater audio play series is now a part of All Freelance Writing. Have you ever had a “vampire client” — one who seems to suck the life out of you? Maybe they don’t pay enough so you push yourself to the edge of burning out regularly as you cram in countless projects. … read more