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What I've Already Learned in 2010

Today my vacation time comes to an end. For the last week and a half I’ve enjoyed some time off. I didn’t go anywhere exciting, but rather just enjoyed some peace and quiet and finished a lot of much-needed housework (although I’ll still be cleaning and re-organizing for weeks I’m sure — haven’t tackled the dreaded closets yet!). Even though we’re only a few days … read more

The Freelance Writer's Guide to Project Management

I do a lot of Internet searches and ask freelance writing colleagues a lot of questions about project management for freelance writers–and as a productivity and organization nerd, I’ve been sorely disappointed. I, like most writers, like to tweak everything until it is maximally effective, so I’ve found that an action-based and simplistic approach to project management is key. Below are some steps and some … read more

How to Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Freelance Writing Business

Yesterday I announced our December 2009 freelance writing contest — you can win cash and prizes just for thinking about your own marketing for your freelance writing business. Write an elevator pitch / elevator speech of 4-5 sentences. That’s all you have to do! But wait, how do you write an elevator pitch? Here’s a quick “how to” to help you out: Step 1: List … read more

Getting Started in Magazine Writing With Linda Formichelli

This week our “Getting Started” series post is a bit later than usual due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the U.S. We’re kicking things off with a bang though, as we welcome Linda Formichelli! Linda will talk about getting started as a freelance magazine writer. It’s a topic we don’t touch on very often here at All Freelance Writing since my own career is … read more

5 Ways to Get More Done Today

When you work as a freelance writer, you generally have a lot of control over your own schedule. That may sound great, but what it often means is that we’re prone to procrastination and distractions – it’s too easy to say “Well, I can always just work extra hours later tonight to finish this up.” It doesn’t have to be hard to be more productive … read more