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From One WAHM to Another

My fellow WAHM, have you ever noticed just how ridiculous certain aspects of our life can be? I, for one, rode around today with my youngest’s chocolate pudding cup in the front of my truck next to a plastic container full of worms my oldest determinedly collected yesterday. But this pales in comparison to the other pieces of my WAHM life that just slap me … read more

Giving Up What's Left of You to be a WAHM

I’m fully convinced that the most hilarious, deep-seated irony of the universe revolves around freedom of choice. Think of those teenage years when you struggled, fought, threatened, snuck out and wore horrible clothing to express yourself and gain true independence from the overbearing monsters we call parents. For most of us, now that we have free will, we live with gusto. We stay out all … read more

Freelance Fitness

Many of you may or may not know it, but I’m on a fitness kick right now. That means that I am interested in fitness, and it feels like I have been kicked right in the head. I hate things like exertion, so I’m not exactly what you’d call a jock. Sweat tends to scare me, as I do not trust when my body leaks … read more

Tough Mommies Work at Home

It’s funny, really, that the toughest year of my maternal life was the one I thought would be the easiest. I spent a year finishing my Masters, teaching every day and writing every night. In my spare time I raised a toddler while I worked on growing his younger brother. That was the year before the hardest year. During those seemingly hard months, I dreamed … read more

Carving Out a Real WAHM Work Space

Every freelancer needs a real work space –a place to tackle your projects and assignments without wrestling with your child’s latest play dough creations and free from the risk of any crayon incidents on important contracts. It can be a trick to find the ideal space for a work-at-home mom or any other freelancer as many of us don’t have the luxury of our own … read more

Making It as a Freelance Mom

In the many categories society assigns to mothers, the freelancing mommies have the envy of other mothers for the supposed flexibility of their schedules. Yet those envied work at home moms have another story to tell – especially when there are young children involved. Being a working mother of any caliber is tough, but when the balancing act of working at home is a free-for-all, … read more

Rebecca Garland on Being a WAHM Freelance Writer

I’m launching a new series of short interviews with freelance writers, where I’m asking them five or so questions on a topic they’re particularly experienced with. Today you get to hear from Rebecca Garland: wife, mother, and freelance writer. Rebecca shares some of her thoughts on juggling work and family life when you’re a freelance writer staying home with the little ones. You’re a WAHM … read more