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Free Scrivener Case Study Template

Yesterday I announced a new Tuesday Quick Tips series for the blog. Today marks the start of another series — Wednesday Resources. Every Wednesday (at least through the test period in June), I’ll either release a new resource for All Freelance Writing readers or I’ll promote a resource I highly recommend. Through June I already have new resources lined up every week though. . That … read more

Free Scrivener White Paper Template

I mentioned previously that I was having a difficult time finding Scrivener templates for freelance writers. Most are focused on writing books. I already released two free templates that will help you use Scrivener for blogging — one for managing a single blog and one for managing multiple blogs. Today I’m releasing my first template for common freelance writing projects — a white paper template. … read more

Weekend Reading: Scrivener

We’ve talked a lot about Scrivener lately, specifically using it for blogging. It’s a great piece of software for writers. And it’s adaptable to pretty much any kind of writing project you need to take on. My favorite part of moving to this software so far has been its organizational features. They’re helping me better manage a variety of projects. I can use it to keep … read more

Free Scrivener Template for Managing Multiple Blogs

Recently I wrote about my decision to move to Scrivener for blogging. I also released a free scrivener template for bloggers that allows you to easily manage a single blog as its own project. But personally, I use Scrivener to manage multiple blogs, and I manage them all from a single project file so I can see all of my blogs’ content in one place. … read more

Free Scrivener Template for Bloggers: Manage a Single Blog

Recently I shared some of the reasons I now use Scrivener for blogging. In the comments on that post I promised to look into creating a simple template you can use. Today I’d like to share that Scrivener blogging template with you. About the Scrivener Blogging Template This simple template was designed to be used in managing your content strategy for a single blog. The … read more

Scrivener for Blogging: Why Scrivener is the Ultimate Blogging Tool

A while back I mentioned that I was giving Scrivener a try. My hope was to use that writing software during last year’s NaNoWriMo instead of a standard word processor. That didn’t happen. I was still uncomfortable with the software at the time, and I worried it would slow me down. I’m still a Scrivener beginner by a long shot, but I’m finally putting it … read more

Free Target Market Planner for Freelance Writers

Have you ever struggled to pinpoint the target market for your freelance writing services? If so, I have a free tool that might help. I decided to overhaul my old target market worksheet, previously only available to those who purchased my Web Writer’s Guide e-book which is no longer available. I’m releasing the updated version as a freebie. You’ll be able to find it in my collection … read more

4 Tools for Freelance Writers (You Might Not Have Heard Of)

Being a freelancer is tough enough without having to worry about every single detail in your life. You would think with all the apps available you could find something to handle all the nitpicky stuff you hate to do. Well, all your dreams have come true! With the following tools you should be able to increase the time you have to run your business. 1. … read more

10 Android Apps for Writers and Bloggers

My hubby recently decided that we should upgrade our phones, and we both went the Android route. I’ve spent a good bit of time setting things up for both personal and business use, and in the process I’ve come across some great apps that should improve my productivity. Here are five of my favorite Android apps so far (all free) that might be of interest … read more

Book Review: The Freelancer's Bible

You may have heard of Freelancers Union, a nonprofit organization for freelancers, contractors, and independent workers. Sara Horowitz, who founded Freelancers Union, has released a comprehensive guide to freelancing – The Freelance Bible – that’s everything the title suggests. Sara’s accolades includes being named a MacArthur Foundation “Genius” fellow and one of Forbes’s Top 30 Entrepreneurs. Packed With Information As you’d expect of any book … read more