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Free Blog Business Plan Template

Recently we talked about how to write a blog business plan. As promised, I’ve put together a simple blog business plan template that you can use for your own niche or business blog. Why Have a Blog Business Plan? If you want to make money blogging, a blog business plan is a must. Business plans help you get a better picture of where your business … read more

Why Google Chrome is my Favorite Multi-Blog Management Tool

It’s no secret that I manage multiple blogs. Currently I have 50 active WordPress installations — large blogs, small blogs, author sites, business sites, and several in various pre-launch phases. Every work day I have to manage these blogs, including the ones that haven’t launched yet. What does this include? Approving comments that are in moderation queues Deleting spam comments Upgrading any out of date … read more

Freelance Writers: How do You Hold Yourself Accountable?

Working as freelance writers, we don’t have an employer or supervisor looking over our shoulder to hold us accountable for how we spend our time. Instead that responsibility falls on us. I’ve always been big on planning and organization to help me get more worked into my schedule. I keep daily and weekly to-do lists. I have four white boards and two bulletin boards in … read more

Five Fabulous Books for Freelance Writers

Whether you’re a new freelance writer or you have decades of experience in freelancing, there is always more to learn. That’s why building a professional library is a smart idea. You can learn or refresh yourself on the basics of being in business for yourself. Good books for freelance writers can teach you about new marketing tactics you haven’t tried before. And if nothing else, … read more

Free Monthly Marketing Calendar for Freelance Writers

I’ve decided to make some changes to my plans for the Web Writer’s Guide e-book. Rather than updating it and moving on with a series, it will remain as-is. Sometime in the next few months I’ll pull it off the market, and much of the information in that e-book will be worked into print books or e-books in the Query-Free Freelancer series. The problem with sticking with the Web Writer’s … read more

Choosing a Word Processing App for Your iPad

Whether you’re an early adopter, just received an iPad (what a fun Easter basket!), or you’re thinking about buying yourself an iPad tablet device, as a freelance writer, you’re faced with a very big decision. What word processing app will you use? What to Look For in a Word Processor What does a freelance writer need from a word processor? We aren’t your average typing … read more

AWAI's Accelerated Program for 6-Figure Copywriting

Today I’d like to share a special program from American Writers & Artists Inc. Do you wish you could rake in six figures writing for businesses? If you’ve ever considered a freelance writing career as a copywriter and you want to learn how make some serious dough, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting might be the kick you need. I’ve been promising these nice folks … read more

Improving Readability and SEO with One Simple Tool

There are plenty of SEO tools available on the Web, and most of them are great for giving you a simple keyword density analysis. This is important to any writer who publishes work online, since SEO works best when following keyword density protocol and clients may even request a certain number of keywords per piece of writing. So it helps to have a tool that … read more

September 2010 Book Club Discussion – The Wealthy Freelancer

Let’s get to this month’s book club discussion about The Wealthy Freelancer. As usual, I’ll pose 10 questions below. You can respond to all or just some of them in the comments below if you’ve read this book. You can also ask questions of other readers in the comments if you feel these don’t cover something that was important to you. The discussion will remain … read more

June 2010 Book Club Discussion — The Well-Fed Writer

A few weeks ago you voted on our very first All Freelance Writing Virtual Book club pick-of-the-month — Peter Bowerman’s award-winning book, The Well-Fed Writer. Today we kick off that book club discussion. The comments will remain open on this post for a week, and extended for one additional week if they’re still fairly active at that point. Below are ten questions (some from me, and … read more