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On the Issue of Pen Names/Business Names

I’ve been chasing my tail on this topic for a few days now and have worked myself up into a frenzy of confusion, so I’m coming to you O Wise Ones. Here’s the deal: For three years now, I’ve been writing under my real name.  Fiction (and some related things, like the column I have at a horror webzine) under T.L. Bodine, nonfiction (and any … read more

Your response when asked for a free sample?

We’ve all been there… applying to a job or speaking to a prospective client, and they ask for a free sample to evaluate your work. What’s your standard response to this request? How exactly do you word it, if you want to start a working relationship with this person? I recently applied to a gig where an email was blasted to all applicants asking us to … read more

"Write Every Day" Challenge Introduction

While I don’t personally believe that writers must write every day to be successful (as I often hear), I do understand that some writers need that strict of a habit to keep them focused on their work. And you have to do whatever works for you. If think writing every single day is what you need, then this challenge is for you. The goal is simple: write every day … read more

How to show my portfolio to potential clients?

Hi, I have recently set up a website, offering my freelance writing services. I am slowly getting the hang of it all. I want to build a portfolio containing paid work, bought by previous clients, to show to prospective clients, for example only. What is the best way to include this on my website without breaching any copyright etc. or rubbing anyone up the wrong way? Sorry … read more

Monthly Word Count Goal Challenge Introduction

This is a very flexible challenge that you can use for any kind of writing. Basically you choose your own word count goal for the month, and you write until you reach it. Easy peasy, right? Well, let’s make those goals challenging enough that it’s not. 🙂 You set word count goals for a specific project for the month, or an overall word count goal. … read more

Client wants exclusivity…

I have a client who has asked me to write for them exclusively… (same one who wants to talk on the phone) The money would really have to right in order for me to consider it, but I have reservations as you can probably guess. What makes this different from any other 9-5 job? What are some drawbacks that y’all can think of? My wife … read more

30 Guest Post Pitches in 30 Days Challenge Introduction

For this challenge, your goal is to write 30 guest post pitches over the course of 30 days. You can take the approach of sending one pitch per day, or you can write and send them in batches if you prefer. You can take this challenge at any time and you can print out the chart below to help you keep track of your submissions. As always, … read more

30 Flash Fiction Stories in 30 Days Challenge Introduction

Here’s the plan for this challenge: Write 30 flash fiction stories (up to 1000 words) over the course of 30 days. You can write one per day for a month, or you can write several stories at a time if that’s a better way for you to pace yourself. These might be stories you plan to post to your author blog, or you might follow up with the … read more

Why does everyone want to talk to me on the phone?

I hate talking on the phone…probably since I am little hard of hearing, from years of shooting…I have a pair of site owners who seem very excited about my writing style, and want to set up a time to call me next week…UHG! I usually respond with “let’s just keep it on email for now”, but things are getting more serious, and this is becoming … read more

Freelance Writers: Better Pay or Better Bylines?

As a freelance writer, do you care more about being paid well for your work or about seeing your name in print (or online)? The two often don’t go hand-in-hand. Personally I put pay first (but hold gigs to strict ethical standards — I don’t simply take any well-paid gig that comes along). After all, I’m running a business. I’m not in this for vanity. … read more