E-book Sales Conversion Calculator

This dual-mode e-book sales conversion calculator works in two ways. Here's what you can do:

  1. Calculate your previous month's (or week's or day's or whatever) e-book sales conversion rate based on the number of sales made and the number of visitors to your site or landing page -- this mode also gives you a sales estimate based on the information entered;
  2. Calculate the number of sales you need to make in a month to reach a new sales conversion goal, based on your target conversion rate and an estimate of expected traffic.

To access the alternate mode from the main e-book sales conversion calculator (the one that lets you choose your own target conversion rates), click the "choose conversion goals" link at the top of the calculator. To switch back, click the "calculate conversion rate" link in the same location on the secondary tool.

Choose Currency

Number of visitors (to e-book's site / landing page)

Average price spent when the e-book is purchased (factor in sales and launch discount offers)

Number of sales (for same time period as visitor count)

Conversion Rate

Estimated sales

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