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Freelancing for Grads

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    After graduation I was one of many that didn’t have a clue what to do with my life. I had a degree, but no real experience… aside from clearing tables at my local restaurant. The job market is saturated with thousands of bright eyed and bushy tailed grads who are in the same boat. They have the same qualifications and are applying for all the same jobs as you.. all of which require experience. It can seem like a never ending cycle of rejection, but taking the first job that lands into your lap is never a good way to go.

    If there’s one thing that grads have to remember is that getting a career doing something they enjoy and somewhere they will be able to refine and improve their skills, will bring so much more job satisfaction than having a job that will “make you lots of money”. I made the mistake of being too eager to get into an office job, and this turned out to be something that I despised more than unemployment.

    After months of hoping for things to improve, I decided to take action and typed in “writing jobs” to have a look what was out there. As somebody who was fairly naive to the job market after graduation, I wasn’t even aware that something as simple as freelancing was even available to graduates. I began writing simple bits of content for various websites, earning around £7 an hour, but soon began to work for larger companies, mapping our their website content, writing blog posts and other various writing tasks.

    What’s even better is the fact that most writing jobs can be done from the comfort of your own home. If writing is something that you are interested in, then don’t let yourself be sucked in to the first employment offer that you receive, get a feel for what you want to do (if not forever, then for the foreseeable future) and look into all the avenues you can go down – you will be surprised ad how much you can achieve.

    Alice Porter - freelance insurance expert

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