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Jenn's April Challenges – Accountability Thread

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    Jennifer Mattern

    I’d say I’ll be a good girl and be better about using my accountability thread to reach my targets this month, but I’m already more than a week late in posting those goals, so…

    Anyway, here’s April’s plan:


    1. I need to make progress on the challenge website. I completely neglected it during the third month of the three month challenge, and wasn’t much better during the second. So now I need to make up the time so I can report on my utter failures and laziness in another month or so when I blog about what did and didn’t work with that project. Like I said, I’m a week in and haven’t started on these goals, so it’ll be rough. But I’d like to be at least 75% of the way to the Twitter goal (500 followers) and have at least 9 new posts on the blog by the end of April (3 per week for these next 3 weeks).

    2. I’m working to prep a new site for launch. I want the base copy & at least a few blog posts ready to go by the end of April so I can launch the free sections at the start of May.

    3. I need to put together a plan for changes to my professional website where I sell my freelance services (ProBusinessWriter.com). I overhauled the design recently, but the copy and some site features need work. And I may still tweak the design a bit, as there are a few things I’m not loving about it. I also need to get at least one weekly post up here. It occasionally slips in search rankings when I stop blogging. I have for quite a while because I haven’t needed it for marketing. But rankings slipped as a result, so back to blogging it is. I’m going to tweak the content strategy a bit too and get it on a more consistent schedule rather than using the blog mostly for ranking purposes to push leads.


    1. Stress got the better of me in March and completely derailed the weight loss work. I started out really well, but it all evened out in the end. I did kick off a new workout plan though, and I’m hoping that’ll help. It’s more intense, much longer than usual, and varied enough that it should keep my body guessing more. Basically I used to do 2 to 2.5 hours a day. Now I’ll be working out 4 hours per day, 5 days per week (so yeah, basically a part-time job). But it’s a good mix — walking, easing slowly back into a bit of jogging, kickboxing, a dance workout that’s great for my core, toning and strength work, a barre workout (which, still surprisingly, kicks my ass more than anything just because it works certain muscles in ways they’re not used to being worked), and of course yoga. I’ll do yoga most days, even if they’re rest days officially. I just feel better when I do. The goal will, again, be to lose 10 lbs. But this month I think I can do it. Still more stress than I need. But some on the work front is easing as I figure things out. Plus, with us finally past my “year from hell” that ended April 1st, I’ve simply decided I deserve for good things to start happening again, so I’m damn well going to get them. And when I get stubborn about such things, I usually get what I want, even if it means showing my body who’s boss. 😉 I should note, as of now, I’m doing this routine on a three weeks on, one week off schedule. On the “off” week I’ll still do yoga, and I’ll still walk 60-90 minutes per day 5 days per week (both more about just getting away from my desk and clearing my head than anything). But we’ll see how it goes. I may need to adjust that if this new routine is rougher than expected.

    2. I failed miserably at my reading goal last month too. So I’m easing off a little bit. Five books this month is the goal. I’ve already finished one, though I technically started it a while back. I think 5 is very reasonable though. I missed 8 last month. But the goal is to get back up to my old standard of 10 monthly reads.

    And that’s where things stand. I’ll try to remember to update the accountability thread weekly, especially about the business goals like the weekly blogging.

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