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Known Issues

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    Jennifer Mattern

    As a result of some of the maintenance, optimization, and upgrades over the weekend there are a few known issues with the site. I’m working on them and hope to have them resolved shortly. In the meantime, you might come across the following issues:

    • When you log into the site it directs you to the homepage. It should direct you back to the page you came from (such as a forum thread).
    • A user is reporting login issues in the forum where they’re asked to log in repeatedly. I’ve finally been able to replicate this, but only in IE (edit: I’m now able to replicate it in Chrome and Firefox as well). If you use that browser you might have issues logging in to post in the forum temporarily. (edit: my testing shows this is fixed, but a user still reports the problem. Please clear your browser cache before logging in if you have this issue and report it to me if the problem persists for you. I’m still making other changes on the back-end tonight, so that might affect things over the next few hours.
    • The forum “edit profile” page for your account isn’t displaying the instructions for adding your social media accounts. If you add yours before I’m able to fix that, please only include account names — no full URLs, no @ symbol before your Twitter name, etc. The only exception is if you use a custom Google+ URL. In that case you do need to include the + symbol before your handle.
    • Local avatar uploads are not working again. This seems to be a result of fixes for another issue. Bear with me. I’m working on it. If you already uploaded an avatar, it should still display. If you use Gravatar instead, those are unaffected.
    • In the forums, the “add link” button / icon in the visual editor is not working. This is apparently a common and recurring problem with the editor. I’m working on it. In the meantime you can still add links by pasting in the full URL or using bbcode.(edit: I’ve temporarily disabled the visual editor. You can still post to the forum using the plain text / html editor — with feature buttons to help you out if you don’t know html. There are apparently some long-running known issues with the visual editor plugin used for the forums. I’m looking into solutions and hope to be able to re-add that in the near future for easier editing.)
    • In the forums, the visual editor’s “text” link that would let you directly enter html is disabled. This is a low priority fix right now, but I’ll look at it as soon as I’m able. 
    • To fix some of these other issues I had to completely revert our optimization work (which had cut the site load time by more than 75% a few days ago). That means the site will be running slower again. Hoping to resolve this soon.

    I’ll post updates here as things are resolved. If you come across other issues, let me know please and I’ll look into them.

    Jennifer Mattern - Professional Blogger, Freelance Business Writer, Author

    Owns AllFreelanceWriting.com | Also blogs at: NakedPR.com & BizAmmo.com

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