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Marketplace News and Maintenance

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    Jennifer Mattern

    I just wanted to update you on some ongoing issues with the marketplace.

    1. I’ve been working on troubleshooting an issue with writer profiles for the better part of a week now. So far, no luck, but I’m still looking into it. Basically, most profiles cannot be edited right now. Any newly-added profiles seem to be saving edits fine. Any I moved over from the old marketplace platform are stuck with their existing data. If you need changes before we have this fixed, please email me at jenn@allfreelancewriting.com and I’ll change your profile info for you manually in the admin area.

    2. As a result of the maintenance going on, writer profiles no longer have average prices listed. That’s because I had to delete a form field to troubleshoot a problem with the code. I have your data backed up, and it will be re-added to your profiles within the next day or two at most.

    Other than that, just contact me privately for changes, and I’ll update you here when things are resolved. We were set to launch two additional sections of our marketplace this month. That may have to be delayed if these problems aren’t addressed by then.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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