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More Energy… Thanks to New Allergy Meds?

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    Jennifer Mattern

    I know this is a silly thing to post about, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway.

    I’ve spoken with a few different freelancers in recent weeks who happen to be fellow allergy sufferers. Everyone has been having a tougher time with allergies this year.

    I only got allergies when I was around 28, and they didn’t significantly affect me until my 30s. So I’m still getting used to the fluctuations year to year. This is, by far, the worst. I’ve always used Claritin because it’s what was recommended to me when my allergies kicked in (my mom uses it and it’s worked well for her for very similar allergies). But this year it didn’t seem to be working anymore. It helped. But barely. I was sneezing like crazy even when I was on the meds, and I had a tough time sleeping for a few weeks because I simply couldn’t breathe very well. My only real relief came from saline nasal sprays, but I don’t want to spend all day shooting liquid up my nose.

    Then someone told me they were having similar problems with Claritin this year, and they told me they were having better luck with Zyrtec. That same day someone else mentioned how well Zyrtec was working for them. By the time I got to my fourth recommendation in a few days, I decided to give it a try.

    And hallelujah! I can breathe again. So far the new meds are working wonderfully for me. Of course the tree pollen has barely started to fall. And because we live in the woods we’re literally surrounded by it (and covered by it). So it might get worse. But I’m finally sleeping a solid 7 hours at a stretch again (which is best for me — anything more leaves me groggy all day). And I’m getting my energy back, despite my ongoing hormonal battles which tend to knock me on my ass more in the afternoons.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d share. If you’re a fellow allergy-sufferer and your usual meds aren’t working due to the extreme nature of spring allergies this year (at least in this area), a simple change-up might be all it takes to get you back on your feet and focused on your work. 🙂

    Jennifer Mattern - Professional Blogger, Freelance Business Writer, Author

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    I think it’s such an awful year that nothing is going to kick the allergies completely. I’ve done both. No preference, though I will say Claritin did do a better job.

    I use Flonase, but only when I get painful sinuses. It’s a miracle drug, if you ask me. However, now they’re saying there could be a link between Flonase and thyroid function. Great. I find something that works and it gets “issues.”


    Jennifer Mattern

    Oh yikes. I’ll stay away from Flonase to be safe then. My health issues already mimic thyroid problems enough. I don’t need actual thyroid issues on top of that.

    I might have spoken to soon anyway. The Zyrtec is doing a great job during the day. But not so much at night. If I take it before bed, I’m fine. But it’s not as strong during the day (24 hour pills). If I take it in the morning I’m good during the day but it pretty much wears out by bedtime, and then I can’t breathe as well, and it makes sleep tough. I’ve been crashing in the afternoons again because I don’t sleep through the night. But now is the time of year when I’m outside more during the days, so taking it in the morning is more important. I’ll have to see if there’s a 12-hour option available. Maybe splitting it up will help more.

    Jennifer Mattern - Professional Blogger, Freelance Business Writer, Author

    Owns AllFreelanceWriting.com | Also blogs at: NakedPR.com & BizAmmo.com

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