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Self Publishing? Beware of Sleazy POD Publishing Companies

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    Jennifer Mattern

    I make it no secret that I dislike most POD publishing companies. It's one thing to use the POD technology when it makes sense in your business model (like making out of print books available again). But it's something else entirely when these companies try to push countless other services on naive self publishers. You go in thinking they're going to create a great cover, edit your book professionally, or market your book effectively. And instead you spend thousands of dollars and get little to show for it. 

    I won't say all POD companies are guilty of these practices. But it's been a problem for years, and now that interest in self-publishing has increased due to the e-book boom, there are even more unsuspecting authors out there ready to be duped. 

    On Twitter this morning, I saw a tweet from Emily Seuss, which led me to read some of her recent posts about iUniverse mistreating authors. And I wanted to direct you to the one that first caught my attention. Check it out below, and be sure to read her other recent posts with updates and other interviews on Seuss's Pieces.

    iUniverse Complaints: Interview With Author Lawrence Fisher

    Have you had similar experiences with iUniverse or other POD publishing companies that target self publishers? What advice would you give to other indie authors to protect their work and their money from these kinds of predatory practices?


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    Writing is very deep intellectual work and getting your work published is quite of a satisfaction. Problem arises when you are caught in a fishnet with fake publishers. Always keep a good check before assigning a publish work.


    publishing a book

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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