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Site Changes This Week

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    Jennifer Mattern

    This is just a heads up that I’m making a few design changes on this site this week. If things look strange, I might be in the middle of changing settings or you might be seeing certain resources cached while others have changed. Everything should be “normal” in a day or two at most. Here’s a quick rundown of what you might see:

    • The overall design is extended now (such as the colored navigation bar being full-width). I’m not 100% certain if it will stay that way.¬†This new setting might or might not stay depending on feedback from a few chosen testers.
    • Some fonts have changed.
    • I’m going to be running a few color changes by testers, and depending on their feedback, you might see some color changes here (either adding to the green theme or changing it completely). This will be the last design change processed.

    I’ve also been working to speed the site up more. While that was successful and tests are showing speeds in my target range again, there is always a slight possibility that there will be problems with some elements of the site. If you come across any strange behavior (things aren’t displaying right, something isn’t working when you try to post or change your profile, etc.), please drop me an email at jenn@allfreelancewriting.com, or post here to tell me about it. I’ll look into any problems asap. I’m going through testing now, and I’ll continue to do more detailed testing from another account over the next 24 hours just to play things safe.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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