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Weekend of February 22, 2014 – Minor Site Maintenance

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    Jennifer Mattern

    There will be some minor site maintenance this weekend while I try to speed up load times again. As you might know, the last round of optimization was highly successful, although a few plugins didn’t play nice and the problems couldn’t be resolved. So everything had to be reverted in order to get the site features working again.

    This weekend I’ll be trying something different (that hopefully won’t have the same effect). Maintenance will start late in the day Saturday, and I’m reserving most of the day Sunday to deal with any quirks that might come up. Hopefully things will run smoothly on the front end. worst case, I’ll restore things to its current state late Sunday if there are too many issues, and we’ll just run the site a bit slower than I’d like until I find another solution. Either way, don’t panic if there are little hiccups while changes are implemented. If you run into any major problems during that time, you can comment here or email me at jenn@allfreelancewriting.com and I’ll look into it quickly.

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