"Write Every Day" Challenge Introduction

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    While I don’t personally believe that writers must write every day to be successful (as I often hear), I do understand that some writers need that strict of a habit to keep them focused on their work. And you have to do whatever works for you. If think writing every single day is what you need, then this challenge is for you.

    The goal is simple: write every day over the course of a month. I’ve included a free downloadable tracker below that you can use to track dates, what you wrote each day, and either how long you wrote or what word count you reached each day. If you succeed one month and want to stick with it, you can print and use as many copies of the monthly tracker as you’d like.

    As always, you can create your own threads in this section of the forum to share your challenge progress, ask questions, or request tips from other community members.

    Good luck!

    Download (PDF, 17KB)

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