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Today we officially launch the next freebie in our collection of free online tools for writers -- a freelance writing hourly rate calculator. There are two modes -- one to help you calculate your needed income level and hourly rate and another to let you play with hourly rates for any income goal you choose (want to earn a million bucks next year? plug in the numbers just for fun to see what you'd have to charge your clients). I'm including the full press release below with more details. You may publish it in full or in part if you'd like to share the news with others. The tool can be found with our free word count trackers and free WordPress themes at the "Get freebies" link in the black bar at the top of the blog. Enjoy!



All Freelance Writing Releases Free Dual-Mode Freelance Writing Hourly Rate Calculator

Philadelphia, PA -- February 1, 2010 -- Freelance writing blog, All Freelance Writing (http://AllFreelanceWriting.com), released a free dual-mode hourly freelance rate calculator today. The freelance rate calculator is the latest in their line of free online tools for writers, in addition to two previously-released word count trackers.

The freelance writing rate calculator works in two ways:

1. In its default simple mode, the hourly rate calculator allows freelance writers to enter their yearly income goal. That goal might be the minimum income they need to earn before quitting another full-time job or even their dream yearly income. The tool then helps them calculate their annual billable hours and then the resulting hourly rate they need to bill clients to meet their income goal.

2. In advanced mode -- which freelancers can access through a link at the top of the default calculator -- users don't enter an income goal. Instead they enter data about expenses and desired savings, and the tool calculates the minimum annual income they have to earn to cover those things as well as the hourly rate to reach that minimum income level.

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"This freelance writing rate calculator was based on a post written in 2007," said All Freelance Writing Founder, Jennifer Mattern. "That article discussed issues freelancers face in setting their rates such as working hours versus billable hours and the fact that a freelance 'salary' is not directly equivalent to an employee salary of the same dollar amount. This tool takes the information and formulas in that article and makes it interactive, not just showing freelance writers how to set rates they can live with but actually helping them do it."

The hourly freelance writing rate calculator can be found at http://allfreelancewriting.com/freelance-writing-rate-calculator/. Freelancers can choose one of six currencies for a more relevant display of results. In the advanced rate calculator, users are also directed to resources on U.S. and U.K. holidays to help them determine how many days they might want to take off each year in addition to vacation time and budgeted sick time.

All current and future free tools for freelance writers from All Freelance Writing can be found at http://allfreelancewriting.com/stuff-for-writers/ including the freelance writing rate calculator and two word count trackers. Free e-books and reports as well as free WordPress themes and Web templates are also available. All freelance freebies are distributed exclusively by All Freelance Writing. The original 2007 article the freelance hourly rate calculator is based on can be found at http://allfreelancewriting.com/2007/11/16/freelancing/business-career/setting-freelance-writing-rates-the-right-way/. The calculator page also includes instructions on converting the hourly rate calculated to per-word, per-page, or per-project rates to accommodate different freelance billing practices.

About All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing is a freelance writing blog run by freelance business writer and former public relations consultant, Jennifer Mattern. The blog was originally launched as a collaborative blog at SixFigureWriters.com (SFW) in 2006 and became AllFreelanceWriting.com in August of 2007 when the SFW blog was merged with Mattern’s freelance writing jobs blog (AllFreelanceWritingJobs.com). The blog now consists of a team of freelance writers covering business-related topics for freelancers such as finding higher paying freelance writing jobs, marketing tips for freelance writers, experiments in freelance writing, writer's markets, free tools, and more. Mattern is also a co-founder of the Freelance Theater (FreelanceTheater.com) audio play series for freelance writers.

For more information about the freelance writing rate calculator, All Freelance Writing, or other free resources for freelance writers, please contact Jennifer Mattern at jenn@allfreelancewriting.com.


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