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Weekend Reading: Freelance Blogging

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One of the topics we're focusing on this month is freelance blogging. This is one path toward professional blogging (alongside being a Web publisher in your own right by managing and monetizing your own blogs). If you enjoy blogging for your own business, maybe it's something you'll want to consider doing for clients too. So let's get some feedback from people who are already working as freelance bloggers, so you can decide if it's a good fit for you or not.

Here are some articles that might be of interest to freelance bloggers or those interested in beginning a freelance blogging career.

Note that being included here does not mean I endorse the sites, authors, or what they have to say. In fact, I strongly disagree with some of the posters. For example, I'd say anyone who lists ridiculously low pay levels as the high end for legitimate freelance blogging jobs probably doesn't know enough about finding that kind of work to be writing as an authority on the topic. But as always we try to bring you different perspectives so you can figure things out for your own writing career.

Do you know of any other good reading material for potential freelance bloggers? Share a link in the comments below or comment to tell us about your own freelance blogging journey.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Freelance Blogging”

  1. I’m a new freelance blogger and I’ve found to be very useful.

    Him and Tom Ewer emphasize making the client come to you as freelance blogging business model.

    It’s an approach I plan on adopting as well.

    • That’s the approach I’ve been teaching writers here for years too Ericson. πŸ™‚ I call it “query-free freelancing,” and I’m currently editing a book on the topic (and prepping a few shorter e-books under the Query-Free Freelancer brand for earlier releases). It works quite well. πŸ™‚


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