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Freelance Theater - All Writers Need for Life's Little Episodes

Freelance Theater is the brand I release audio and video material for writers under. It was launched around 2009 when I partnered with fellow freelance writer and indie author, Yolander Prinzel, to release a couple of audio plays for freelance writers with a silly horror radio show sort of spin to them. Moving forward it will not only include those older projects but also the All Freelance Writing Podcast and any future audio / video material.

Browse existing releases below.

The All Freelance Writing Podcast

All Freelance Writing Audio Blog Posts

The Madlance Series: Audio Plays for Freelance Writers

Writer's Beat, Featuring Yolander Prinzel

A big THANK YOU goes to Frank Prinzel who handled production work on the audio plays and Writer's Beat feature, and who also did the voiceover work for the intros and outros of all shows. I'd also like to thank Clint Osterholz, former All Freelance Writing contributor and guest star for the "Late Shift" episode of the Madlance audio plays.

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