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Environmental Writer / Professional Blogger

Name: Debra Atlas

Type of Writer: Blogger / Web Content Writer

Location: northern California & Texas

Rate Type: per article (or blog post)

Average / Typical Rate: $100 - 250

My Website / Portfolio: https://www.ebyline.com/people/833/settings/portfolio

Profile Summary

As a professional journalist, the services I offer include:
Newspaper feature articles, newspaper columns,
Magazine feature articles, Green Lifestyles / Product Reviews

As a professional blogger, I can provide:
Website content / articles, Onsite green-related conference / event blogging

Article content expertise encompasses environmental issues, endangered species issues, sustainability, food & soil relationship issues (food scarcity, composting, organics, etc.)

Experience / Education / Qualifications

* October 2014 – Present Regular contributor to Earth 911.com (see http://www.earth911.com/author/datlas/), an online resource that provides consumers with important environmentally-related content, eco-friendly products and information that will help consumers lead a greener lifestyle
* November 2013 – Present Regular contributor to aNewsCafe.com http://bit.ly/1kfwrnd, a well-read and respected online news magazine covering stories and issues in Northern California
* March 2013 – May 2014 Regular contributor of business-focused articles to U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce monthly newsletter http://www.usgreenchamber.com. Topics cover a broad range of subjects that are useful to green businesses, including venture capital investment opportunities and the value of becoming a Benefit Corporation.
* May 2014 – Present Freelance writer for Record Searchlight newspaper (www.redding.com). Stories focused on local environmental and/or local human interest stories and/or events
* June 2008 – May 2014 Freelance writer and former columnist, Record Searchlight newspaper. Debra’s weekly column, Distinctly Green http://bit.ly/1tKCF2p, focused on innovative, environmentally-related products and alternative energy solutions. Produce featured green-related news and human interest stories. All stories are well researched and all products were tested to eliminate possible greenwashing.
* Established Envirothink (www.Envirothink.Wordpress.com), a blog that presents the latest eco-related news, eco-innovations, sustainability issues and other critical, environmentally-related issues. The articles are insightful, well-researched and always include stunning photographs to enhance each story.
* April 2009 - Present Eco Editor and regular contributor for Red Ferret Journal (http://bit.ly/1I5eF0h) , a well-known international website dedicated to presenting the latest innovations and gadgets from around the globe. Debra gathers information on the latest eco-related tech / gadgets, then create posts that introduce readers to them
* August 2011 – February 2013 Staff Writer for SierraClubGreenHome, a website that provides original content designed to help consumers make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy.
* August 2010 – September 2012 Researched and provided monthly product reviews for innovative green products for the “Fresh Ideas” section of Change Magazine (Houston)

Magazine articles:
“System of Rice Intensification Brings Hope to Global Rice Production”, Earth Island Journal http://bit.ly/1vtQbKJ,.
“The New Face of Retail” (on the LEED for Retail certification program), Sustainable Industries Magazine’s annual “Green Guide for Real Estate 2008” http://bit.ly/14vN8Uf - available in print and online.

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