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Blogger of Life, Food, Sex, and Travel

Name: Nadia Pinna

Type of Writer: Blogger / Web Content Writer

Location: Morgantown, WV

Rate Type: per article (or blog post)

Average / Typical Rate: $100 - 250

My Website / Portfolio:

Profile Summary

I am looking to create or collaborate on everyday life topics such as food, travel/adventure, lingerie, yoga/fitness, and being a woman in almost thirties. I can offer creative writing: blogs, short stories, social media posts, affiliate posts, or novel.

I would love to work on projects that may require me to model, offer podcasts, or videos on relevant topics. I like topics (as mentioned above) that sometimes push the boundaries of social norms.

Experience / Education / Qualifications

I have been blogging for 5 years for my personal blog page, and past clients. I can easily produce material for specific ideas or products. I enjoying about real life situations where readers enjoy a "normal" person's take on the world, as they can easily imagine themselves in that role.

I attended West Virginia University and obtained a BSR with a degree of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources.
Following graduation I soon became a "jack of all trades" which helps me relate to a wide variety of topics in my writing.

Recently I have been building my professional social media profiles, specifically on Instagram and Facebook. I direct my traffic to my blog page, which has started to become monetized.

How to Contact Me

Please feel free to send an email to me. I am open to any online job opportunities.

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