She writes. She proofreads. She edits. (That's me!)

Name: Christine G. Adamo

Type of Writer: Magazine Writer / Feature Writer / Journalist

Location: U.S. - with satisfied clients worldwide!

Rate Type: per project

Average / Typical Rate: $250 - 500

My Website / Portfolio:

Profile Summary

I am a seasoned Generalist/Journalist and love every minute of it!

Since variety loves company (and I'm a former Marine who doesn't scare easily), it is with a broad pool of knowledge, suitable experience and great curiosity that I offer client services along the lines of:

Academic Proofreading or Editing (i.e., theses, dissertations, journal articles)
Article Writing (for print newspapers and magazines or online publication)
Marketing Copy (i.e., CVs/bios/profiles, brochure copy, product descriptions)
Technical Writing (i.e., web content, white papers, instructions, resumes)

I'm thoroughly familiar with these Style Guidelines: AP, APA, MLA, CMoS

Experience / Education / Qualifications

I am a F/T Freelance Writer who's been in business since Jan. 1, 2006.

Prior to, I established myself as a force to be reckoned with in the newsroom - as an award-winning Journalist trapped in the body of an unsung poet. Don't believe me? Clients appreciate my unique ability to blend info with creativity, making even product descriptions and web content interesting!

I've served as a small town weekly Newspaper Editor, introducing fun new featurettes which drove up readership and got people talking about our publication (versus the other three in town). I think outside the box and love giving clients and their readers something they just won't get anywhere else.

Call me a Writer. Call me a Revision Artist. Call me an Editor. Really, call me!

Christine G. Adamo
PHONE: (585) 627-1531, EST/New York

How to Contact Me

DISCLAIMER: I'm notoriously quick to reply, so don't be shocked if you hear back lickety split!

The absolute best way to reach me is via e-mail, using info@ or The next best way to reach me is on my office phone: (585) 627-1531, EST/New York. If all else fails, you can reach out via But that really shouldn't be necessary!