Freelance B2B Content Writer and Editor

Name: Kathleen Hesketh

Type of Writer: Business Writer / Copywriter

Location: Hartford, CT area

Rate Type: per hour

Average / Typical Rate: $50 - 100

My Website / Portfolio:

Profile Summary

I am Kathleen Hesketh, creator of content that helps businesses educate their consumers, establish their identity, and of course, sell.

With a widely varied background, I've created content on a variety of topics, from the serious to the lighthearted:

Life sciences & pharmaceuticals
IT services
Plastic surgery
And more

A favorite project of mine was writing killer blog posts for an a solution provider in the insurance industry. Our goal was to generate a buzz around market trends and to introduce innovative solutions. The blogs I created got people talking and helped to establish the company as a knowledgeable thought leader.

Another really great project was focused on the life sciences industry. A leading advisory firm needed to create thought leadership pieces and an article aimed at helping pharmaceutical companies understand and navigate some pressing industry trends. They knew what had to be said, but relied on me to devise the best way to say it.

There is one thing I've learned in creating hundreds of pieces of content. No matter who you are, the business you represent, or the industry you serve, everyone has an original story to tell, and that's what engages and inspires your audience. When content falls short, it's because it fails to communicate the unique message and details that make a business story compelling.

So, whether you're looking for someone to create your next stellar blog, white paper, article or even email, I'm here to help. And even if you've already crafted your content and want some editing advice, I can do that too. Writing and designing is what I love and working with the many businesses that I serve is what makes my journey as a writer great.

Experience / Education / Qualifications

Concepts and Solutions
Owner and Lead Writer
January 2009 – present
Employ strong research, writing, storytelling and editing skills to produce a wide range of content in support of business organizations:
Seconds-to-go January 2017 – present
Blog articles dedicated to last minute travel.
BOLT November 2015 – present
Create thought leadership, brochures and blog posts to promote the company’s insurance IT platform
PwC July 2014 – present
Work with custom white papers and focus articles (pages 8-9) aimed at raising awareness on
industry-pressing topics in the life sciences and healthcare space. Edit and revise quarterly
reports and sales pieces.
Practice Enhancement Specialists August 2014 - present
Work with senior leadership on promotional emails designed to generate awareness of
consulting solutions aimed at top plastic surgery practices. Also create promotional email
content and html graphic designs for select plastic surgeons to bring greater awareness of
practice offerings to client database.
Beneath the Sheaths Equine Sheath Cleaning
Created web content for an equine-services related website designed at educating horse
owners and promoting services.
Katalis Solutions
Fulfill a broad range of content needs for clients marketing IT solutions.
HfS Research
Work with event teams, creating copy and design for materials related to a series of
executive forums covering a two-year time period, including invitations, event guides,
signage and promotional resources.
Madeleine and Associates
Develop content and designs for event-related email campaigns.
Senior Manager and Vertical Content Marketing Specialist
December 2009 – June 2014
Reporting directly to the vice president of North American marketing, supervised the
content initiatives for specific industry offerings of a multi-national business process
management firm, acting as writer and chief content editor for multiple industries.
• Acted as chief manager and editor of multiple content solutions directed at senior
leaders in the financial services, insurance, and healthcare industries
• Established best practices for content creation, including opportunities for
repurposing, enabling faster execution and use of materials
• Promoted organizational services and solutions by promoting discussion on a wide
range of topics through the creation of various content pieces, including articles,
white papers, blog posts, and emails
• Utilized strong creative style, along with a working knowledge of Photoshop,
Illustrator, InDesign and PowerPoint, to produce strong and varied ad, sign, email,
brochure and presentation designs and layouts
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
BA 1990
Interior Design
Continuing Education
Creative Writing 100
Fiction Writing Workshop
Certified Adobe Illustrator Training
Certified Dreamweaver Training

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