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Name: Les Cohen

Type of Writer: Business Writer / Copywriter

Location: Maryland (Mid-Atlantic States)

Rate Type: per project

Average / Typical Rate: $250 - 500

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Profile Summary

Hi. I'm an experienced, expert writer and editor who, for two decades, has specialized in producing all manner of non-technical documents, copy and digital content for corporate and non-profit clients, including political campaigns.

If my years in the business have taught me anything, it's that hiring someone to write or edit important material is a weighty decision. In no small way, you're asking someone else to speak for you, to market or argue on behalf of you, personally, or the company or organization that you represent and may have built. That's a lot of risk that you're taking – and a responsibility on my part that I take very seriously. I understand what's at stake and will help you produce quality, well-informed, timely material that your audience will find compelling, that will accomplish your objections and will enhance your reputation.

I write stuff. All kinds of non-technical pieces, from palm cards and 30 second TV and radio commercials, to speeches, fliers and brochures, website content, position papers and proposals.
I use language to help my clients create compelling marketing and campaign materials. Materials I develop for you will sell your goods and services, raise the money you need from lenders, investors and contributors, grow your business, help you get elected and give your initiatives a greater chance of success.

More specifically, here's a list of just some of the types of work I do for my clients...

• Fliers.
• Brochures.
• Palm cards and pamphlets.
• Position papers.
• All sorts of marketing materials.
• Business plans and proposals my clients need to raise capital for their company or non-profit.
• Materials for prospective lenders, investors or contributors.
• Website content.
• Speeches.
• Press releases.
• Print, radio and television ad copy.
• Management, administrative and sales materials for executives and staff.
• All manner of other non-technical documents for in-house and public distribution.
• Editing of existing materials and draft documents to determine how they might be improved.
• Design and management of marketing strategies.

I'll help you plan, write and edit your materials. If necessary, I'll even do the research to make sure the words I give you are sound – not just clear and effective, but also accurate. And if you need help with production, including mailings as well as radio and TV commercials, I know who to call.

And it's not just about you hiring me and then I'll get back to you. No. We're a team. I work with you and your staff to develop superior products. Successful freelance writing and editing is a collaborative effort.

Editing? By "editing," I'm not just talking about looking for typos and grammatical issues. You don't need to hire anyone to do that. No. I'm talking about a process that includes specific comments about the language and structure of what you've written, about changes that I recommend to improve the clarity, flow and effectiveness of your piece.

And I price my services to take into account what you or your company or organization can afford.

I'm based in Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, but serve clients throughout the mid-Atlantic states and then some.

All inquiries and the work I do for my clients – even the identities of my clients – are strictly confidential.

It's free. Send me something you've written for your company, campaign or non-profit initiative. Something important. A letter, mailer, print ad, commercial, op/ed or proposal, for example. Something that you need to sell whatever you make or do, to raise capital for your business or funding for your campaign. Something that is meant to convey an essential message. I'll take a look and let you know how your material might be improved. No charge. It's good will. After all, the more helpful my comments, the more likely you are to hire me later and on a regular basis.

Let's talk about what you need. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Les Cohen, Writer/Editor
Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Economics

Experience / Education / Qualifications

Please refer to my "Profile Summary" or call or email me to request more specific information.

Writing samples are available upon request – and I routinely do work "on spec" to demonstrate the value of my writing and editing services.

How to Contact Me

I'm available via telephone (443-621-3880) or via email to LesCohen1@gmail.com. Call anytime, including evenings and weekends. If you get voicemail, just leave a message and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.