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Freelance Writer and Copywriter, specialties include tourism, lifestyle and wine

Name: Jo Mills

Type of Writer: Other Freelance Writers

Location: New Zealand

Rate Type: per article (or blog post)

Average / Typical Rate: $50 - 100

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Profile Summary

I have been writing for as long as I could string a sentence together (possibly even longer as my father always reminds me how long it took for me to begin to talk).

With over 20 years of professional work, my roles have always included a heavy weighting towards writing, be it brand collateral, web content, EDMs, trade articles, translations or, more recently, social media content.

I have always been fascinated by the power of the written word to capture the imagination of the individual and feel strongly that, in this age of endless visual engagement, the written word remains as powerful and important to maintain as ever

My specialities lie in the world of food, wine and tourism but at the heart of my work lies the core aim of deep reader engagement, regardless of content matter. My key skill over time has been to turn this reader engagement into tangible sales and longterm customer loyalty, building up trust and repeat sales through the strength of my written communications. Rather than going for the “hard sell”, my preferred and proven approach is through the power of suggestion and evocation; selling an idea or ideal alongside the item itself, the former often being more powerful and being the clincher in the final sales decisions.

Experience / Education / Qualifications

Twenty years working in the wine and tourism industry, working to produce varied and targeted copy across industry sectors. This included EDMs, web copy, trade and retail marketing collateral, events brochures and label designs both for markets where English was the mother tongue and those where it was not.

BA Hons English Language and Literature 2:1, Oxford University

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