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Freelance Writer Profile

Blogger/Web Content Writer

Name: Gaines Arnold

Type of Writer: Blogger / Web Content Writer


Rate Type: per article (or blog post)

Average / Typical Rate: $100 - 250

My Website / Portfolio: 

Profile Summary

You want your website and blog to convey you; to be a conversation starter. The customer can't meet you face-to-face, so how do you connect? How do you build the loyalty required to make sales and nurture relationships that last? Through words. But, you have to have the right words.
For the past six years I have been learning how to start and maintain those conversations; how to build brand loyalty. Let me craft an opening that will have customers wanting to continue the conversation. Let me help you generate the type of customer relationships that will have people telling their friends about you.

Experience / Education / Qualifications

As I mentioned, I have been writing blogs and web content exclusively for the past six years. In that time, I have written for hundreds of customers and, literally, millions of words. I have developed a voice during that time that is conversational, and somewhat cheeky. I want people to laugh, enjoy the words and come back again. I want to be a friend. I have accomplished that.

But writing is not innate talent, it is hard work. I spent ten years in the US Navy as a nuclear engineer which taught me how to explain technical issues through clear, simple language. I received a bachelors in corporate training that taught me business and a masters in mental health and substance abuse counseling that taught me how to understand people and there needs.

I have since worked as a teacher, counselor and, finally, freelance writer. Everything I have experienced, the education I have received, all of it comes out on the page. My writing contains its unique flair because of what I have done and I am more than willing to let you benefit from my experience.

How to Contact Me

Phone: (816) 489-3382