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Name: Victor Calleja

Type of Writer: Business Writer / Copywriter

Location: Malta

Rate Type: per article (or blog post)

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My Website / Portfolio: http://victorcalleja.blogspot.com/

Profile Summary

I can write about most subjects at short notice. I am good at researching subjects before interviewing them and can create good and readable articles. I am mainly interested in writing in a humorous vein but I have written about very serious subjects. I love writing articles which are personal and quirky. These seem to find a lot of favour with people.

My experience is limited to these last 14 months but ever since I started writing I have been very prolific and have been published by a number of leading publications in Malta. I have been praised for my style by people in the trade who have actually said I was a breath of fresh air in the newspaper and magazine markets.
My aim is to be published internationally.

I can handle the following:

Humorous pieces about anything in general ranging from the personal to the irreverent.

Interviews with personalities or unknown but interesting people (conducted by email unless payment is made for travel arrangements etc).

Generic articles about religion, historical personalities, politicians or most other subjects.

Opinion pieces about art, humour, life, food, chefs.

Blogging on regular basis about most subjects of a non technical nature.

Experience / Education / Qualifications

I have been writing for just over a year. Since then I have been published regularly in 2 leading English language newspapers in Malta. These last few months I have become a semi-regular contributor in The Times (of Malta), Malta's most influential and read newspaper. I also write regularly for 2 business magazines, for a hospitality magazine and for a leading magazine for males. I have written about various subjects ranging from bees and honey to art and theatre. I have written in quite a few publications in Malta including Tune In, Pjazza, Money, M, The Executive, The Sunday Independent, Malta inside out, MHRA magazine, Paqpaq, The Times Christmas edition and, as I already mentioned, The Times. So in the space of 12 months I have managed to be published very regularly.

My humorous pieces and my opinion articles tend to be quirky and ironical and people seem to find them quite entertaining and readable.

St Joseph High School: primary school. 1960-1967
Lyceum School Hamrun: 1967-1972
Achieved good results in ordinary level examinations in various subjects.
Junior College: 1972-1974.
Achieved good results in English, Italian and Maltese.
University of Malta 1974-1976
I attended University for 2 years but didn't finish my degree in English as I was offered a job of my dreams at the time in marketing.
I have furthered my studies by attending various courses in art and marketing and English literature.

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