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Social Media Writer & Influencer (Quora)

Name: Shanks Wang

Type of Writer: Blogger / Web Content Writer

Location: Sydney

Rate Type: per article (or blog post)

Average / Typical Rate: $50 - 100

My Website / Portfolio:

Profile Summary

I writing interests run the whole gamut, from copywriting and technical writing (medicine) to fiction and politics, lovemaking and warmongering. I especially like selling something through written words, whether it is an idea, a commercial product or a story. It may be a hackneyed saying, but the might of the pen is to sway minds, and I revel in it.

Experience / Education / Qualifications

Writing experience:
I write on an online Q&A and de-facto social media platform known as Quora. In little less than 6 months, more than ten thousand readers subscribed to my writing. I have now written close to two hundred answers, have nearly twenty-four thousand followers (top five hundred on the platform), with over eleven million all time views on my posts, close to seven hundred thousand total upvotes and over six thousand shares to other internet platforms with requests to translate some of my posts to other languages.

This isn’t to brag but to demonstrate that I have the ability to reach a sizable audience in an efficient manner.

Other working experience:

Junior physician (house officer) working under Ministry of Health Holdings Singapore, 2017-2018. My medical training gives me the expertise to write heavily technical pieces on medicine and healthcare.


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery with Honours, Monash University (Clayton)

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